Our Team

“Great company makes great company” – Anonymous
We have already found great company now its only a matter of time… 🙂



Never Stop Learning!

Arun Agrawal

Founder & CFO

With over a decade of experience in real estate, private banking, retail liabilities and assets, taking up a responsible position in CH, more than anything else is like grabbing an opportunity to participate in all the exciting things my friend is doing outside her comfort zone.

Bhavya Desai

Founder, Content Management Head, Social Media Head

People know me.


Founder & IT Mentor

Bachelors in IT, 15+ years of experience in IT. 10mn.+ social reach via Facebook page Oh My God Facts!, Tech and Facts & Men's Den.

Jane Doe

Head Content

For generations I am associated with the unknown! However, through these writings you know me. Shuttling between the world of known and unknown

Arindam Ghosal


A significant corporate exposure allows me to come across various personalities and face challenges head on. Being an avid traveller, I get ample opportunities to garner experience and gain perspectives. 'Stress' and 'Intolerance' are words I stay far away from :-) I prefer to accept life as "the teacher", dive deep and extract the best out of it. Sharing life experience grants immense pleasure and provides the impetus to explore it to the core.

Sadaf Vidha

Senior Author

I am interested in the applications of psychology in our everyday lives, and that's majorly what I write about.


Senior Author

A short, dreamy, trying-so -hard to be a lady kind of girl with a regrettable knack for accounts and tax and an incurable passion for writing my little, beating heart out. Oh, and I bake tolerably.