There isn’t a thing that is more expressive about you than a tattoo. That flower, that shirt and those shoes will only define you for a day but tattoo defines you for a lifetime (or not) depending on what kind it is. It’s a very fun and edgy thing to do but apart from the fun, there is another side to tattoos. Tattoos convey different meanings in different cultures and having one done on you could be a sign of victory, struggle or triumph. In Maori cultures of New Zealand, tattoos represented status, class and abilities. They were also given to warriors as a “rite of passage”. Maybe it was branding or maybe it was decoration, whatever it was earlier, it’s definitely a lot more today. Here goes a very humble list of 10 tattoos with beautiful meanings attached to them.

 1. Delta


Delta. We have all been plagued by this symbol during our school days and those among us, who are intelligent, have still chosen to associate with it. Delta signifies change and an open delta symbol tattoo signifies an openness to change.

2. Swallow


Photo by Paul Brentnall

A symbol of hope for sailors. Swallow tattoos signify lifelong commitment and undying love and they are also known to come back to homeland every year, something a sailor himself would love to do. So, getting a swallow tattoo was inking a hope for return to homeland. Sparrow tattoos also, signify lifelong commitment and love but, they swing more towards enjoying life and freedom.

3. The letter “Om” tattoos


Getting the sacred symbol tattooed is no light matter. It would signify an understanding of the creation, an understanding of the stages of a person’s life. Earthly and beyond. The utterance of the letter itself signifies the end and the beginning.

4. Hawthorn Tree

flowers-TattoosBalance and duality. A hawthorn tree is an image of exceeding beauty with beautiful blossoms and an equally terrifying barricade of thorns around it. The good and the evil of the world, personified through a tree.  It is definitely a tattoo for those who embrace the duality in themselves and people around them.

5. Ouroboros tattoos


It is one of those tattoos which, apart from being deeply meaningful also look pretty badass. Essentially, a dragon eating its own tail, it is a depiction of eternity, of the never ending cycle of life and death and of cyclic nature of the world. Also, circular shapes appeal to us in a very primal sense, depicting continuity and an uninterrupted flow.

6. Teardrop


What do you do when you want to cry hard and not a tear escapes, as your heart is hardened so, it does not let you cry? You get a teardrop tattoo. This tattoo has many meanings all associated with loss and grief. Generally, when a person loses someone, they get a teardrop tattoo, but, getting this tattoo might also mean that the person has murdered someone. Careful, what you ask your tattoo artist the next time.

7. Chains


This one is pretty obvious. If the person gets a chain, intact, all locks fastened kind, it indicates slavery or suppression and if the tattoo is that of a broken chain, it means freedom from slavery, salvation and the like. On a much lighter note, chains can be tattooed as good old fashioned jewellery around necks and wrists.

8. Poppy Flower

TattoosPhoto by Nick Coombs

A vivid red flower and when you do venture into vast, endless poppy fields, you will feel sleepy and drowsy. The poppy flower symbolises death, meaning eternal peace or just peace with undertones of a peaceful death. It can also be tattooed as a remembrance for war heroes.

9. Peacock Flower


Photo by markuso

Peacocks are splendid birds and their feathers are the most heavenly things.  There need not be much reason to get inked with this beauty, but there are a few really beautiful meanings to this feather across cultures. Peacock feathers signify pride, status and are held sacred among many cultures. It also represents something that’s beyond corruption. Untouched.

10. Orchids


Now, orchids are epitome of luxury in the flower department. They signify luxury, elegance, purity and above all they are the most sensual. If you are in the mood to embrace your inner man or inner goddess, this flower can do more than you can thank for it. White, black, blue, there is no restriction on colour and it’s the prettiest tattoo ever.

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