Life, at times, is an amusing observation of sorts. The way we prefer to define and design this ever dynamic concept is based on our habits and notions. Certain fact patterns are evolved out of our daily lives and activities while dealing with life. Let’s peek into some of the daily life failure from the witty glass:

1. Hatred for Monday

We hate Monday morning alarms. Weekends have such deep (spoiling) impact on us that we are confined to our cozy shells by the time it’s Monday. We have to kick ourselves out of bed to attend offices and schools.

Daily Life Failure

2. Lost N Never Found

We hardly find stuff when we require them the most. With everything in abundance nowadays, scarcity is often haunting. Handkerchiefs and socks hide away from us, while we have to hunt them out.

Daily Life Failure

3. Failed Diet Plans

We plan for proper diets and store health supplements, but can’t exist without crispy chicken fries and burgers. We firmly support a healthy life, but when it comes to discipline in our menu, it is a daily life failure.

Daily Life Failure

4. Absence of Interest Hobbies

Our hobbies have become very predictable these days. Ask anyone about hobbies, and the popular answer would be either watching movies or cricket or listening songs. In our busy schedules, we hardly invest efforts to build upon hobbies like philately, photography or bird watching. For that matter, most of us do click arty photographs and own expensive cameras just for the sake of it.

Daily Life Failure

5. I Love Gossips

We love indulging in gossips. Incidents and events in others’ lives interest us more than what we are into. Grapevines and juicy stories about others engulf most of our precious time. We can never contain ourselves to our lives. Invading others privacy is the biggest daily life failure.

Daily Life Failure

6. Love For Stress

Knowingly or unknowingly, we love to be stressed out. Quite often, we invite stress in our lives. Be it a traffic jam delaying our way to the airport or the laptop problem affecting any client delivery, stress gets the better of us.

Daily Life Failure

7. God The Saviour

To the outer world, we are fearless and don’t believe in God. But whenever in a soup, the first person we recall is God. We fear Him or Her; still prefer being called an atheist. Accepting our beliefs in a public forum is a big daily life failure.

Daily Life Failure

8. State of Denial

In the act of pampering ourselves, we often cannot accept adverse feedback or criticisms. In anticipation of perfection, we are not ready to accept anything unfavorable against us and that again is a daily life failure.

Daily Life Failure

9. Connected To The Unreal World

We are glued to (online) games and gadgets, and have to take pains to socialize. Our gizmos divert a lot of our attention, while we are at a loss of friends.

Daily Life Failure

10. No Workouts

We talk about focusing on our health and discuss enough about hitting the gym from the next day however it never happens and we continue to binge as if there is no tomorrow.

Daily Life Failure

With due respect to sentiments and emotions, this is only an attempt to list down some interesting observations, which may not apply to each one of us. However it is, whatever it is, loving life is a pre-requisite to enjoying life at its fullest!


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