Some call him the Mozart of India, while others know him as Isai Puyal (Musical storm). This legendary Indian composer doesn’t need much of an introduction. With over a hundred original compositions to his name, and national and international awards in his kitty, A R Rahman has cemented his place as one of India’s best loved musicians. While Rahman’s Indian compositions have proved hugely successful with audiences, his foreign collaborations too have also received acclaim. Here are a few international movies he has scored for, that are not Slumdog Millionaire.

1) Muhammad: The Messenger of God (2015)

He composed the music for this Iranian film by Majid Majidi, the first of a three part series which seeks to chronicle the life of Prophet Muhammed. The music for the film was recorded across India, Iran, Germany, Egyt and France with 200 musicians, including Palestinian musical band Le Trio Joubran.

 2) Million Dollar Arm (2014)

This Disney film, based on sports agent JB Bernstein, boasts of a soundtrack composed by the musical legend. The album features artists including Iggy Azaela, KT Tunstall, Wale, and Kendrick Lamar.

3) The Hundred Foot Journey (2014)

Director Lasse Hallström roped in Rahman to compose the soundtrack for this film-adaptation of a Richard C. Morais novel. The soundtrack takes after the film, which is a feel good tale of a clash of cultures, to blend Indian and distinctly European sounds. Bollywood lyricist Gulzar wrote the track Afreen for the album, which also saw playback singer Alka Yagnik make her Hollywood debut.

4) People Like Us (2012)

Rahman composed the soundtrack for this indie drama directed by Alex Kurtzman. The music for the film, which was backed by Steven Speilberg, comprises 18 tracks by Rahman, including a collaboration with Liz Phair.

5) 127 Hours (2010)

Working with Danny Boyle for the second time after the runaway hit that was Slumdog Millionaire, Rahman’s composition for this James Franco starrer earned him a Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Score for the track If I Rise. The song sees Rahman at his versatile best, while also using voices of singer Dido and a few children.

6) Couple’s Retreat (2009)

A soundtrack composed by Rahman, on his first true Hollywood project, is quite possibly the only saving grace for this rather lacklustre 2009 comedy about four couples. He wrote the songs Luau, Sajna and Say Nana and roped in Kailash Kher for the track Salvadore. Couple’s Retreat won the award for Best score at the 2010 BMI London Awards.

7) Elizabeth the Golden Age (2007)

Rahman collaborated with Craig Amstrong to produce the music for this Sekhar Kapur film on Queen Elizabeth I. The evocative Storm was also used in the trailer for Man of Steel (2013)

8) Passage (2009)

Shekhar Kapur and AR Rahman came together to work again for Kapur’s short film, financed by Swarovski. The 16-minute long tale about three young women has to its credit four tracks composed by Rahman.

9) Provoked (2007)

This tale on domestic abuse from director Jag Mundhra has to its credit a two songs, Alaap and Flu Away written by Rahman. The musical maestro composed the haunting movie’s theme song Alive, sung by Karen David.

10) Warriors of Heaven and Earth (2003)

In this Chinese epic about the Silk Route, Rahman makes use of Chinese and Indian sounds to create the 15 acoustic tracks on the soundtrack – which also features Matt Dunkley and Sadhana Sargam

Among other movies that make use of Rahman’s tunes are, The Accidental Husband (2008) which features his Yaro Yarodi, Rang De, and Swasame and Inside Man (2006), which uses the effervescent Chaiyya Chaiyya in its credits. Rahman’s Bombay Theme Music, from the Bombay (1995) soundtrack, was also used in Lord of War (2005) and Miral (2010).

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