1. India’s Daughter

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It comes as no shocker to see Udwin’s brilliant movie about the shameful Nirbhaya rape case topping the list. This case follows the events of Jyoti’s life: from an aspiring medical student to a rape victim to finally facing death. It also reveals details about the brutal rape case which were not known before.

2. Placebo

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This is a masterpiece from director Abhay Kumar, who goes underground and trails four young but brilliant minds in medical school. The complications of the human mind are woven into one narrative, along with how above average intelligence can be more of a bane sometimes. It portrays the monsters and demons within, in a most realistic manner.

3. Children of the Pyre

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Directed by Rajesh Jala, this documentary follows the lives of seven children who make a living out of working in the cemetery. They perform menial tasks to live through the day. It speaks of how cruel our society is for exploiting children like these seven, who are beyond repair.

4. Mango Girls

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Directed by Kunal Sharma, it tells the story of a small village in Bihar which has taken up a brilliant initiative to plant 10 mango trees every time a girl child is born. These trees will help pay for her education and wedding.

5. Born Into Brothels

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Directed by Zana Briski, this documentary talks about the lives of children born to prostitutes in Sonagachi, a red-light area in West Bengal. They are taught photography. The pictures clicked by them depict the red light area in their view, which forms the crux of the story.

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