In this world where everything is quick and fast-paced, Indian short films have become the new medium to showcase some superb stories. Our directors and actors as well have outdone themselves as they produce one masterpiece after another. Have you had a chance to watch our top picks for the best short films yet? If not, we have your weekend viewing list ready!

1. Ahalya

Ahalya is one of those Indian short films that has such a dangerous twist that it leaves your grasping at the straws. Radhika Apte’s flawless performance as the wife of an older man but with a secret is outstanding. Watch it if you like short films that mess with your head. Sujoy Ghosh has directed it.

2. Chutney

Chutney is a weirdly satisfying film directed by Jyoti Kapur Das. Starring Tisca Chopra (who is also the producer), the end kind of leaves you satisfied. It is a very unexpected way of warning someone to not enter your territory.

3. Naked

Voyeurism on social media is a headache for every woman. A journalist, gearing up for her big interview with actress Sandy hits a roadblock when a clip from Sandy’s upcoming movie goes viral. The story explores how two women turn this interview from a hot mess into a friendship.

4. Peanut Butter

Superb acting and writing have turned Peanut Butter into one of the most wonderful Indian short films. Whether you agree with the message or not, this short film, with a surprise visit from the future, is sure to get you thinking.

5. Ek Dopahar

Huma Qureshi and Gauhar Khan, the past and the present of a man meet one afternoon. This short film explores as the two strangers deal with a profound loss together and how this experience changes them completely.

6. Kriti

Despite being surrounded by a lot of controversies, this Shirish Kunder directed short film has been one of the most talked about Indian short films. What’s real and what’s not is explored thoroughly as we see Manoj Bajpai’s convoluted story unfold.

7. Kheer

Deliciously cute, this short film starring Anupam Kher from Terribly Tiny Tales is a story about love, but not really. With old age comes loneliness and this is the concept explored in this very short but very meaningful story.

8. Teaspoon

Teaspoon is not a recent release, but the story is extremely dark yet captivating. We guarantee that you will be glued to your screen to see what happens every time Kavita’s father in law summons her with the Tak-Tak-Tak of a spoon. Watch till the end for a climax that is almost unachievable in such a short film. And yet, Teaspoon manages to achieve this feat spectacularly.


Some stories uncover our deepest biases and lay them bare in front of us. How we treat others is a reflection of the type of people we are. A chance encounter between Avdhut and a delivery guy in the pouring rain teaches him and his friend a lesson they will never forget.

10. White Shirt

Each one of us has experience heartbreak and we all struggle to get over it. In a very subtle and understated way, Kritika Kamra teaches us how exactly to leave your past behind.

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