5. It’s winter and I’ve got no beach trips planned: time to take a break from bikini grooming

Your bikini area isn’t just about swimsuit season! Getting a beautiful look in the bikini spots you don’t share with the world is all about self-esteem. So go ahead—look and feel like a Goddess in your sexy lingerie, all year ‘round. Skip the hassle and cost of waxing and try it. We recommend shaving first, then trimming. Since the shower is a perfect place to get your bikini area into shape, we’ve taken the hassle out of trimming. The warm water helps soften coarse hair to make it easier to cut and the trimmer quickly trims hair to length with every stroke—so it’s as easy as shaving in the shower.


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6. More pressure means a closer shave

Not only wrong, but unsafe! The blades are designed and positioned to give you a close shave, applying pressure will only cause unwanted cuts. Ladies, please be very careful while using the blade, you really don’t want to go around running for band-aids!


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7. Shaving delicate areas causes in-grown hairs

It isn’t the hair removal process that causes nasty in-grown hair, it’s the condition of the surface of your skin. In-grown hair is trapped hair, so you need to exfoliate the areas you’re removing hair from so the hair can pop back through easily.

8. New razors cut skin more easily

Sure the razor is somewhat sharper, but it’s actually the excited pressure we put on our skin when we use a new razor that causes cuts. Old razors are actually worse when it comes to cuts as they can cause infections from the bacteria left on the blade. Other culprits include putting too much pressure on the razor or using a single-blade razor.

9. Shaving every day is bad for the skin

Not true! If you have fast-growing, thick hair, you may be comfortable shaving every day. Plus, shaving with a razor actually helps skin look and feel smoother by exfoliating the top layer of dead skin cells. If your skin is hypersensitive, it’s okay to shave the day before, but the right razor makes it simple to shave any day and get gorgeously smooth skin. Always use a fresh blade and plenty of shave gel and finish with a non-irritating moisturizer. And remember—if your event is a day at the beach or a pool party, shaving sensitive skin the day before will help protect skin from irritation.

10. It’s okay to shave without water if I’m in a hurry

Never dry shave! It will only cause you problems like irritation and dry, flaky skin. When you think about it, putting a blade to the skin is quite traumatic already, don’t make it worse by giving your skin no moisture or support. Water—and shave gel—is critical for a comfortable shave. It helps the razor glide over skin. Shave gels tend to be less drying than ordinary soap. They lubricate to provide a layer of protection against nicks and cuts. Shave gels also helps you keep track of where you’ve shaved to help you avoid missing any spots.


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