We all know Amul and what it stands for. The delicious dairy products are a favorite in the entire country. But what we also love about the company is their opinion and remarks on every major event happening around us. For years, Amul has regaled us with advertisements that poke fun and bring serious issues into the limelight equally. Here are some of our favorite Ads over the years.

  1. Celebrating the brand new IPL teams; Amul gives a nod to the new team from Rajkot.

Amul ad 1

  1. The much talked about odd-even car rule in New Delhi has already sparked much debate.

10X20 Taaja Maal

  1. Remember that TV show hosted by Neena Gupta called “Kamzor Kadi Kaun?” Amul has a take on the iconic line!

Amul Ad 3

  1. How can the Bollywood- Underworld connection escape notice, with all the details laid out in newspapers over the years.

Amul ad 4

  1. The classic Harry Potter series gets an endorsement from the Amul girl. J.K. Rowling would be so proud.

Amul ad 5

  1. The beginnings of the Aam Aadmi Party were documented by the Amul girl, with a little side of butter.


  1. Bringing to light a milestone decision by the Indian Judiciary, this print ad reminds us that each individual has the freedom to be who they want to be.

10X20 Taaja Maal

  1. Yet another politician makes a foot in mouth comment without thinking.

Amul Ad 8

  1. In September 2004, Zee Telefilms won over ESPN to earn the rights to telecast cricket for a four-year period.

Amul Ad 9

  1. How can we forget the Monkey Man madness that took over Delhi in 2001? Amul’s slightly hilarious take on the event has us in splits.

Amul Ad 10

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