What is need for health apps? It’s almost the end of the year and how about a health goal appraisal? No new year resolution list misses fitness goals for any of us. But setting goals is one thing and working towards them is another. If you haven’t been able to get your resolution kick started, take the help of technology!

With the advent of apps on smartphones it’s become much easier to get your everyday tasks done. So why should health and fitness be far away? Use these health apps to get your goal kick started! Rest assured you will feel less guilty in the next new year’s eve!

1. Pedometer app

Pedometers have evolved from physical gadgets to apps. A pedometer measures the steps you take, at least 10,000 steps a day is what fitness experts suggest for an active life. Today the health apps go a step further and also mention the calories lost depending on your age, height and weight. Some of the apps are quite accurate as they use GPS to track your steps.

The health apps which you can use as a pedometer are:

Pedometer – by Tayutau and

Google Fit – by Google Inc.

Health Apps

2. Calorie counter app

Calories in, calories out, that’s the golden mantra to weight loss. There are ways of getting a good idea of calories lost but calories eaten is always a dilemma. People usually underestimate the calories they have eaten unless they are eating packaged food which is again not great for weight loss! Here are a few apps which also have Indian foods listed and work great for estimating your calorie intake. Infact, they also let you track your diet like a diary and include your calories spent as well.

The apps you can use are:

HealthifyMe Weight Loss Coach – by HealthifyMe

My Diet Diary Calorie Counter – by Medhelp Inc and

Indian Food Calorie Counter – By Sai Umesh.

Health Apps

3. Running app

Marathons are a great way to get your fitness journey started and to work towards. Every Indian city has marathons for various causes. Most of them are very motivating for the participants. But you need to start preparing well in hand so that you can complete the marathon in time and in good health.


FirstRun – By MobieFit- where you get mentored by Gul Panag!,

Couchto5K – By ACTIVE Network LLC and

Nike+ Running – By Nike Inc.

Health Apps

4. Exercise app

The number one reason why most people don’t stick to their exercise schedule is because they cannot make it to the gym or outdoors due to various scheduling reasons. The best way to counter this is exercising at home, but where to begin and how to go about is a big concern. Several apps have made it easier, they have 30 day schedules and challenges where they have a detailed writeup and video of how to do the exercises. The reward system and social angle will definitely help you on your journey.

Some of these apps are:

30 Day Fitness Challenge – by Foamy Media Ltd,

Yoga.com – by Sport.com and

7 Minute workout – by Ego360.

Health Apps

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