Obesity takes a toll on your health and confidence. Worse, it has been announced as a public health pandemic in view of the escalating amount of cases in children and adolescents. Generally caused by lack of awareness and over consumption of saturated fats, obesity needs a tailored set of exercises and balanced diet to be cracked a whip on. Cardiologists at large solely disapprove of obesity because most of the heart diseases are caused by being overweight, so if one is still making excuses to remain obese, he needs to find time for his medical treatments sooner.

First things first, here we will discuss about a few effective exercises for obese people to prepare their body for bigger challenges. The cardio-vascular exercises are best to enhance energy, increase metabolism, build muscle strength and improve hormonal profile.

1. Walking

We know it sounds boring but you may be amazed to know about the benefits of walking. Walking is the provider of low-aerobic activity and it also increases your stamina. That aside, walking releases extra toxins from your body thus helping you lose 75 calories in only 30 minutes on 2mph speed which multiplies as the speed does. It also helps trim the extra flab in your thighs and bums.

walking for obesity

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2. Kapalbhati

Kapal bhati is the easiest breathing exercise that an obese can practise in empty stomach, preferably in the morning. You can burn maximum amount of calories by just the inhales and exhales in a sitting posture. Don’t take it with a pinch of salt, better hear it from Kareena Kapoor’s ex-fitness expert Payal Gidwani who recommends Kapalbhati on a regular basis to get maximum results.

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3. Virabhadrasana

Virabhadrasana or the warrior pose makes your body flexible, increases stamina and balance in the body thereby preparing it for the forthcoming challenges. Obese aside, this exercise is so easy that the likes of Shilpa Shetty and Lara Dutta swore by it as their prenatal workout. This too requires inhaling and exhaling and 4-5 sets a day. Obese people who are reluctant and making excuses, will do it like a cakewalk.

Virbhadrasana for obese

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4. High-knees for Obese

The best possible cardio workout to lose weight is high-knees. This is a whole body exercise in which you have to look straight and run lifting your alternate knees as high as possible with your arms following the motion and without your heels touching the ground. Make sure your moves have a bouncing motion. For starters, you are recommended to do high-knees for 15 seconds and increase the time limit gradually.

Tip: accompany the work-out with peppy music that keeps you energized.

high knee for obese

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5. Crunches

There are varied types of crunches to tone your abs such as V-crunch, side bends, Russian Twist, bicycle crunch, knee-raise, reverse crunch, leg raise, Hip raise etc. you are, however recommended to do bicycle, leg raise, hip raise, and reverse crunches for starters as they require less stamina. In first 30 days as a beginner, 15-20 of each type is about okay. Try doing at least 2 sets each day.

The above exercises are highly effective on obese people but what most you require is self-motivation. Give 20 minutes each day to these workouts and witness the effects in just few days.

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