A question that keeps intriguing everyone at some point in time is the existence of ghosts. Be it through paranormal movies or sitcoms one always has this curiosity to know more, we might get scared at times but do they really exist? Well to tell you the short and fast of it, yes and that too in kinds. Through different theories, speculations and realms of faith, there’s no scientific backing to ghosts, but nor is there a scientific theory for God!

Ghost hunting has different approaches. So based on some theories of paranormal theories, there are 5 basic kinds of haunting: intelligent, residual, poltergeist, time warp, and demonic. Let’s look at what these actually mean:

1. Intelligent

It is actually an energy felt of a human whose soul/energy doesn’t move on to the afterlife. There are several reasons to this- the death occurred in a strange or violent manner, in an unsatisfied state. Or the person could be afraid of moving on, or might want to keep a look on their family. The acceptance of death hasn’t happened in this case. In this if their energy is strong enough, they can even move objects, or speak. Theory states that spirits can drain energy from the atmosphere around, from living humans, or from electrical equipment.

2. Residual

In this type the soul of the dead human isn’t actually present instead it’s their energy that makes their presence felt. Maybe they performed a task so many times that they’ve left a permanent impression, some kind of an energy. Maybe the materials around them are good at soaking up energies — paranormal theory states that different substances, like stone or quartz, are better at holding those energies. Residual hauntings also explain why several places can be haunted by the same person.

3. Poltergeists

There are contrasting views on these type of ghosts. While some say they’re actual spirits, others are of a belief that all of these activities are caused by a human beings with untapped telekinetic abilities (usually a child or adolescent who’s under great amounts of stress). In these, objects get thrown or destroyed, people are attacked, or eerie sounds are heard. The name “poltergeist” itself comes from the sounds heard. “Poltergeist” is German for “noisy spirit”.

4. Time Warp

The time warp hypothesis theory propagates that time isn’t a cause and effect phenomenon, but rather a “ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey…stuff”. In time warp hauntings, a window gets formed in the fourth dimension, and what you maybe seeing isn’t actually a ghost — it’s a living person, in their own time, doing whatever they’re doing. You might see it too. And there’s a possibility that they may think YOU’RE the ghost!

5. Demonic Ghosts

These are the most dangerous of all. They’re dark, harmful beings who wish to cause as much trauma as possible. Be it through oppression, splitting families apart to influencing humans to harm/kill others or take full possession of a human. Oftentimes (if contact is made), a demon will masquerade as a friendly spirit, and use that connection to enter into our reality. Annabelle doll from The Conjuring is a good example of this kind wherein the doll or ‘ghost’ made its entry into the lives of human owners. You really do not mess with these demons because it is not so easy to get rid of them though they’re known to fear God.

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