Three things an Indian boy’s parents will always crib about – Band, Baaja, Bride! Diversification, democracy, individuality, tolerance, are words which look good only when it comes to politics or religion. When it comes to choosing a partner for marriage, Indian men have the same criteria and mentality about the ideal marriage material girl.

Girls who are planning to tie the knot anytime soon, consider yourself to be lucky if you are a part of these 7 jewels –

1. The Virgin

In the Indian epic Mahabharata, Draupadi had five husbands. Yes, five. However, she was considered the purest woman in the world. This is because Draupadi had a special boon. She was supposed to spend a year with each of her husbands and at the end of every year, she will become a virgin again. This story shows the obsession of Indian men with virgins.

Marriage Material Girl

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2. The Fair-Skinned

The fairer a woman is, the less the dowry she has to pay. Oh, wait, dowry is illegal. We mean, the less “gifts” she has to bring in her in-laws house. So if your skin is not of the same colour as the model in the fairness cream ad, shame on you! It is completely your fault that you do not shine like Edward Cullen under the sun even if your “better half” is darker than his soul.

3. The “Cooperative”

Ladies, do not fall into this word web. If the guy you are about to marry expects you to be “cooperative”, just run. For men, “cooperative” is the new “submissive”. No, we don’t mean the 50 Shades of Grey submissive, but an Indian boy with such a mentality will expect you to give up your passion, your job, your desires…your life, and don’t be surprised if he still doesn’t find you to be “cooperative” enough. You know what is more sensitive than a woman’s heart? An Indian boy’s ego.

Marriage Material Girl

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4. The Cook

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”, in the case of Indian men, it’s through his family’s stomach. If you know how to make food, get ready to be the new “Ramu Kaka” of the family!

Marriage Material Girl

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5. The Girl who is Ready to Prioritize his Parents Above Hers

In India, marriage is the union of two families, agreed. But be well prepared to stop giving damn about your family. An Indian boy always wants his bride to value his parents over her own, obviously he will not say this to your face, but trust us, you will not need him to say anything. Just start putting your parents, dog, relatives, friends into oblivion and open your heart to unknown parents and a 40-member immediate family. What fun!

6. The Superwoman

Some men still haven’t got a reality check and waiting for their Wonderwoman, literally. A few Indian men want their life partner to be an all-in-one package. You need to handle your job, your whiny kids, your in-laws, your horny husband, your cranky husband, your angry husband, your hungry husband, basically your impossible husband. You need to cook well, do the evening prayers, clean the house, earn money, look sexy, remember irrelevant but important dates according to your mother-in-law…you get the point.


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7. The children breeding machine

The ultimate goal of any Indian woman is to give birth to children, so that her husband’s family doesn’t find itself in the pages of long lost history.

Marriage Material Girl

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If you haven’t been able to put yourself under any of the above categories, you are good to go! We would like to congratulate you an independent and well-sorted life. Make your own fairytale, non marriage material Girl!

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