The ‘telly’ is filled with news on how the cost of living has increased. Pick up a newspaper and articles on price rise of basic commodities, daily utilities and fuel flood the pages now and then. Well, when it comes to fuel we know that natural resources are limited and the commercials on the idiot box keep urging us to not be an idot. Here’s a deal that will decrease your car’s fuel consumption, improve its mileage, lower your expenditure, save innumerable painful trips to the garage. In short these 7 commandments will keep both you and your car happy.

Car Mileage

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1. Stop using your car

No, it is not a joke. Stop taking your car out for every 1 kilometer trip. Don’t drive if you don’t need to. Cranking the engine every now and then for short trips isn’t going to do any wonders for the mileage. Also, it would be great if you parked your car at a distance when visiting a market or busy place. Anyways, isn’t it wise to walk a little instead of pushing the peddles of your brake and accelerator, honking your way to distress.


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2. Good inflation

This theory of Economics, applies to your car tyres as well. Good tyre pressure will reduce friction between the tyre and the road. Setting the inflation level at optimal or recommended levels will reduce fuel consumption. Some fuel stations are now equipped with automatic air compressors that stop at predetermined levels for safety.

3. Nice moves

Not really asking you to join salsa here. But, if you could just show your car some nice moves- make smooth transitions between the gears and stoke the accelerator and brake with respect, your car might return the favor by gobbling in less fuel. Well, rough and rugged is fine once in a while but a gentleman’s charm never fades.

Ways to improve car mileage

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4. Shed the weight

If you are raising a thumbs up and planning to share your resolution of visiting the gym, stop! That won’t do much of a favor to your car. Walk up to your car and remove any excess weight from the boot. All that junk lying in the boot including that extra tyre that is no good, needs to go out. Get rid of the child safety seat if it has lost its purpose. Reduce the load and see her perform.

5. Tune up

Don’t you want to see your car behave and dance to your tunes. She will show respect to your money and excel at performance if only, you fine tune to her needs. Tune up the engine every once in a while. Ensure this is done by an expert or professional. Check the fuel filter and get it replaced in time. Don’t ignore the air filter, a clogged filter means poor combustion and dip in your car’s mileage.

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6. No idling for better mileage

You can go by the motto if you like – ‘No engine idling’. Turn of the engine when waiting at the traffic signal or for a friend. Idling wastes more fuel than you think. Besides, what is the point in keeping the engine roaring when you aren’t taking it anywhere? Stop teasing the engine. If you want to warm up your car in the morning, drive at a lower speed for a distance and get the engine’s temperature to catch up before raising the speed.

7. What’s your speed

Get to know your car, not just the engine or filters but the appropriate speed that it responds to. There is a certain speed at which a car provides best mileage, your car is no exception. Don’t just drive your car, master her controls and find that speed where she is at her best and you won’t be checking these articles anymore.

‘You can’t do it best, if you don’t know how to do it’. Gear up and best of luck!

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