Amidst alarming socio-economic situations, a great lot many parents die. That not only leaves the child orphaned but also subjects him to the vagaries of life. As has been noted in many cases, the lack of care-givers lands the children in orphanages. Notably, most of these orphanages are non-profitable organizations (NGOs) that house the distraught kids and curb their maladies through affection, education, care and elevation. Furthermore, these institutions pledge to ensure a good future for them. Otherwise, the gangs that forcefully handicap children to beg in the streets would take them prey. Or subsequently sell baby girls into sexual slavery. Given the service of the orphanages, they see light in the end of the tunnel.

Here’s jotting down a few examples of such commendable orphanages:

1. SOS Children’s village


BK 148, Kolkata, 999999

Phone:033 4323 9200

Spanning over Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania, the SOS Children’s village vows to provide best healthcare and indeed educational facilities to the poverty stricken orphans. They are, in particular, here to ensure complete eradication of mal-nutrition and curb the rate of children dying from preventable diseases. Especially in the rural areas of Bihar, Mizoram, Rajasthan and UP, where let alone education, basic healthcare is a dream. So they provide the homeless home and spare the child-bride the horrors of early marriage. Apart from that, the children are educated in the SOS Hermann Gmeiner Schools and put through various vocational training.

2. The Good Shephard Agricultural Mission


The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission,

“Strong Farm”, Lohaghat Range,

Uttarakhand -262310

Phone: 05943 263 032

This is one of the prominent orphanages of India. They realize that unless an abandoned child is given love, warmth and safety in an orphanage, it will make no sense . After all, a child needs a community to turn to and a good education in a vibrant school. Also, proving hands-on training provided in a working farm is equally important. Hence, they play the guardian angel with whom children are happy as a lurk. Unlike others, this organization sustains without Government aid of any kind and engages in allied social welfare programs.

3. Angel House


145 S Livernois Rd., Suite 308

Rochester Hills, MI 48307


Phone: 877-369-4532

It is a dream project of Lindsay and Dominic Russo who were in India for charitable work in 2010. Firstly, it provided home for 70 destitute children. Secondly, it’s become a movement that vows to shelter greater number or orphans every year.  Meanwhile providing them good education and meet their necessities. By the same token, it also allows monthly sponsorship programs. In which, you can designate funds to support the homes. For example, one can sponsor for their food, school supplies and others.

4. Aditya Birla Centre For the Welfare Of Children


Siddharth Colony, Chembur Naka

Mumbai 400071

Karmayogi: Mr M.C Joshi

Tel.: 022 25222863, 022 25223353

They house the children who hail from extremely impoverished background. Indeed the child has to be between the age range of 14-17 because the capacity is 250. Thereafter, the teen is provided shelter, vocational training under ITI, boarding, and conveyance. As revealed, Maharashtra Government’s Department of Women and Child Development is all in all for selecting the beneficiaries. Since time immemorial this house has touched many lives. For instance, they made self sufficient men out of lonely and insecure teens.

5. Asha Daan


Missionaries of Charity

Sankli Street, Byculla

Mumbai -400008

Tel: 033 23093591

A Missionaries of Charity initiative, this is home to 400 abandoned, crippled and poverty-stricken children. They accept here children with all types of disability and even malignant diseases like HIV/AIDS . Hindusthan Unilever handsomely aids Asha Daan who also looks after the maintenance and upkeep of the same.

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