Poor celebs! in the onset of social media boom, especially Twitter, people find their comic relief in trolling the superstars. No one could escape the magnitude of trolls and in the minutest opportune moment they are at the butt of all jokes. While some jokes put the celebrities on a boil, rests engage in self-mockery in line with the trolls. Ref: Abhishek Bachchan hilarious tweets and self-mockery really make us melt. It really takes a strong man to do so! Let’s assume all the stars are not as flexible with trolls and here’s laying down a few look-alike animals that may upset their fans a tad. Never mind, comedy is the only breath of fresh air in the run-of-the-mill lives, ain’t it? and a little laughter on someone’s expense doesn’t hurt.

1. Alia Bhatt look-alike a Koala

As cute as it can get, Alia Bhatt resembles a baby Koala. The rosy cheeked aww-inducing beauty has a very cute face so does a Koala. Especially the round shape of her face reminds me more of a Koala.


2. Hrithik Roshan look-alike a Unicorn

Did you notice his chiseled jawline from a close? You will bang agree with me that the Greek God of Bollywood resembles a Unicorn. Features concerned, a Unicorn and our very own Roshan junior are perfect and dream-like.

Hrithik Unicorn look-alike

3. Ranvir Singh look-alike an Eagle

Doesn’t he? His edgy, bushy and angled eyebrows and fearless eyes are same as that of the Eagle’s. It seems, like an Eagle, Ranvir too has potential of high-flying and come on, no wonder!

Ranvir Eagle look-alike4. Nawazuddin Siddiqui look-alike a Direwolf

Please excuse the GOT fan in me, our powerhouse of talent, Nawazuddin Siddiqui takes after a Direwolf. His eyes are full of promise so a Direwolf’s, both Nawazuddin and a Direwolf have dreamy and enchanting eyes.

Nawazuddin Direwolf look-alike5. Aditi Rao Hydari look-alike an Alligator 

I mean, look at her pout! She point blank resembles the crocodilian animal with that spot-on pout.

Aditi Rao Hydari look-alike

6. Priety Zinta look-alike a Chipmunk

She is the sweetest of the lot, like Chipmunks. A Chipmunk is cute, adorable and has slightly protruding upper teeth and Priety has all the facial characteristics of a Chipmunk, especially the teeth.

priety chipmunk look-alike

7. Tiger Shroff look-alike a Meerkat

Pulling the royal ditch on his name, Tiger Shroff looks like a Meerkat, so what if his moves are enviable? He is the Timon of Bollywood.

Tiger shroff meerkat look-alike

8. Sonam Kapoor look-alike a Dolphin

See her smile and see a Dolphin smile. You will know for yourself.

sonam dolphin look-alike

9. Sonakshi Sinha look like a Seal

The Dabangg beauty has a forehead as that of a Seal’s. More, she looks as innocent as a Seal too! So, just saying..

Sonakshi seal look-alike

10. Finally, Frogs Look-alike Uday Chopra!

The undisputed heir of the Chopra throne, who has little knowledge of acting at his disposal, sadly looks like a Frog with those big popped-out eyes and weird jawline. Until now, his looks were loathed by people and the same people will swoon over this comparison. Glee!

Uday frog look-alike

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