It is an inevitable fact that plastic is penetrating into various walks of life. It has percolated deep down and the roots are so strong that it can’t be removed from the environment. Also dumping it frequently into the environment is not a solution. Even more dangerous is the fact that it is a non-biodegradable material. For this purpose the dire need is to focus on the solution and look for alternatives to reuse plastic.

Here are some creative ways to reuse plastic.

1. Create Vertical Gardens

It is one of the best and environment friendly technique. Consequently, its implementation clearly establishes the phrase ‘clean environment, green environment’. Vertical Gardens serve the purpose to reuse plastic bottles and develop planters for your home or office. You can even combine plants to make a garden.

vertical garden through reuse plastic

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2. Soap Bottle

It is just about introducing a nozzle to the empty bottles of plastic. These waste plastic bottles in short can be used as classy soap solution bottles in the bathrooms or in kitchen.

soap dispenser through reuse plastic

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3. Organizer

Empty plastic jars can prove to be an excellent organizer to keep things at place. It can be a shoe organizer. You can create separate organizers for your bathroom, kitchen, or workbench. This is a totally unique method of making plastic bottle containers.

Plastic reuse organizer

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4. Piggie Bank

Piggy bank rekindles some childhood memories of saving money and feeling like a king; powerful enough to buy the whole world. It is an unbeatable way to reuse plastic bottles if you have children around in the house. Not only is this object functional, the design is too simple so that your child can learn to design it.

piggie bank plastic reuse

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5. Jewelry Stand

This is something which surely wouldn’t have struck you till now. Perhaps, a vertical hierarchy of stacks can be created. It will act as one of the best storage space. An apt way to reuse plastic bottles is this essential jewelry stand. A cheap yet attractive alternative to store bought jewelry.

jewellery stand through reuse plastic

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6. Curtains

It is fascinating to enjoy different combinations of curtain to decorate home. Plastic reuse can serve an excellent purpose as curtains. The bottom end of bottles can be threaded together to create various combinations of curtains.


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7. Reuse Plastic Bags

  • Use it for Stuffing

Plastic bag is of great use for stuffing. It is used to stuff pet beds or throw pillows that have thick fabric covers. It can act as an excellent stuffing for soft toys, which is always needed.


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  • Packing

It can be used as a packing material and also to show products fluffier. It would also keep moisture at bay.


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  • To protect plants

Plastic sheet can be reused to cover plants in snowfall prone regions. Of course, these would help in protecting plants from temperature shock. One can cover plants with bags tightly tied around the pots however these should be take off in the morning.

plant cover through reuse plastic


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