Human has this inexplicable tendency to have extra marital affair even when the two are in a healthy relationship. In our daily lives we often encounter many people who are/ were indulging in the same but we really don’t come to know about them. This is one of the perks of being ‘not a celebrity’. But what about celebs!

1. Shahrukh Khan


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Even the kings fall for this temptation. But the queen timely held the knot tight and shooed away Piggy Chops for good. Rumours were heard about the two spending time together for quite a while. Not only just Gauri, in fact, it is rumoured that all her close associates (Karan Johar, Hrithik Suzanne and few others) kind of boycotted her and the boycott ranged from ‘no talking terms’ to ignoring and mocking. This extra marital affair surely had to end.

2. Aamir Khan


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The perfectionist wasn’t really a perfectionist until a few years ago; at least that’s what they said. His name had been linked with many women in the past. His split with his first wife is still under question. Some call it his extra marital affair with journalist Jessica Hines, from whom he has a love child named ‘Jaan’, a model in London these days. But the duo carries a special relation even after the divorce and Reena is seen in almost every family gathering. Aamir even acknowledges her as an influential lady in his life.

3. Ranbir Kapoor


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Deepika was head over heels in love with Ranbir. The whole nation bereaved at Deepika’s heartbroken condition and Ranbir, who was looked upon with hatred, took courage to confess indulging into infidelity. While being in relationship with Deepika, he is said to have fallen for Katrina during the shoot of ‘Rajneeti’ and ‘Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani’. While technically this isn’t an “extra marital” affair but it is a clear case of cheating on your partner.

4. Ajay Devgan

Extra marital Affair

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Kajol and Ajay had been my personal favourite real life Jodi and then news came of Ajay’s rumoured growing inclination towards Kangana Ranaut in “Once Upon A Time in Mumbai.” People said, Kangana’s forth right attitude attracted him the most and he deliberately casted her for the movie “Tezz” to spend time with her. But Kajol and Ajay are still as sweet as ever, so we will never know what actually happened.

5. Suzzanne Khan

Arjun-Rampal-with-Sussane-Extra marital Affair

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If rumours are to be trusted, Hrithik kind of ignored his wife and spent more time with his co- stars, Barbara Mori, Katrina Kaif. This led to Suzzanne’s insecurity, and meanwhile she is said to have gotten closer to their close friend Arjun Rampal. What happened afterwards left the nation in shock.

6. Malaika Arora Khan

Extra marital Affair

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It’s a shocker to hear the rumour mill churning out news like Malaika is having an extra marital affair with Arjun Kapoor. Yes, the same Arjun Kapoor, son of Boney Kapoor. Salman’s sister Arpita and Arjun were in relationship and then things didn’t go smooth between the two, later Arjun, the Salman ka Fan, got closer to Malaika. The news is said to have made the Kapoors and the Khans uncomfortable and the two were strictly asked to stay away.

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