Few things in this world are as fascinating as a woman is.  There are women in our lives whose influence is undeniable and more than just desirable. Our lives are unimaginable without them, as is theirs without us. But, do we really know them?

So, what makes a woman?

1. The WarriorShades of Woman

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Under her nurturing bosom, resides a heart of steel. Softly beating, no matter what comes its way. She will fight everything she can. Her weapon?  Sheer determination stemming from unconditional love. Her amour ? Negligible to none. Her fight, for a good cause or for a shady one, is a fight she won’t flee from.

2. The Lover

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Eyes brimming with love, she beckons , her arms outstretched, her lips parted for the one man in her life. And when he embraces her, he is the luckiest of all the men ever born, because in that moment, no woman ever was more in love with a man than the one in his arms.

3. The Mother

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This shade of a woman, is the most fascinating. She becomes less of herself, and yet, she becomes a force to reckon with at the same time. Right from carrying the baby in her womb to watching her children grow up, she is fiercely protective, selfless and one can just wonder how one person can love so much!

4. The Counsel

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Her soft tones, aged like wine, can tell you the truths of life with surprising clarity. She assumes the garb of the silent counsellor, to her husband at the end of the day, to the children all throughout their lives and to herself, when no one else is strong enough to tell her “Do this”.

5. The Shadow

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How little we notice the shadow that trails ahead or behind us. Sometimes, she is the chirping of a spring bird, the splash of sea against the rock but sometimes, she is a shadow of all the people in her life. Her father, her mother, her husband, her children, her brothers,she assumes their shape, she nods her approval, whether asked for or not. A thing seldom valued, but a virtue only a woman can boast of.

6. The Ruler

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No house, no kingdom, no realm ever boasted of an all man court. She can rule with an iron fist when needed and  a gentle touch of her hand, where reside the wounded. She is that bond that holds all of the household together and that’s why a house without a woman, is always a little forlorn, a little lost to light.

7. The Very Essence of Life

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What is life without the tender touch of a mother, the playful and loving days of summer with the sister, the passionate kiss of a lover, the warmth of a wife’s embrace and the sweet sound of a daughter’s laughter to fill up ones days ?

To all the women in our lives and to all the women yet to come, stay beautiful.

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