Are ready to go short this winter season? Go on and make the cut! Try a versatile shape and design to create a myriad of looks. Play with texture and volume to transform your short hairstyle to any way you like.

Tired of trying to grow your hair and be the new Rapunzel? Now is the time for you to stop and go bananas with the next hairstyle you choose. The princess world, which was once in love with long hair is now captivated by the Snow White bob. Show off that collar bone you have worked on all summer and a taste of those sheer cheekbones!

Here are the top 10 hairstyles which not only give a refreshing look to your face, but also add bold and beautiful to your personality!

1. High-low bob

Some of you might think that it’s a risk not worth taking, but trust us, this style will not only give you the confidence to flaunt your locks, but also the elegance to maintain your poise.


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2. A Lob

This is a slightly longer version of a bob, and one of the newest trends. This style makes you look like the “Girl Next Door,” keeping your curls natural and giving you an at-ease feel. Bid farewell to those straightening hot irons!


3. Short-messy hair with fringes

Because combing your hair is too mainstream. Go for fierce bangs and make the “miss goodie two shoes” inside you roar! Go fresh, go bold!

Pointer: Adding hot colours like red, blue, and purple to give you a complete and sexy makeover.


4. Raven Bob

This hairstyle is perfect for those who want to get a new look, but keep it feminine at the same time. Play with pops of colours in this style while keeping the “girl power” intact!


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5. Pixie

This cut is only for those who have the guts to go through a complete makeover. This style will frame your face with sharp layers. Add drama and dimension to your hair this winter!


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