6. Bouncy Crop

This gives volume to your hair and adds bounce and body to your short haircut. Because it is only when you have such a layered crop, can you be a league apart!


7. Short Ombre

All those ladies out there with stick-straight hair, this is your style! This cut will inject life into your hair and make you look drop dead gorgeous with minimum maintenance!


8. Short Shag

This cut adds a lot of texture to hair and is heavily layered. The fringe is kept long as compared to the overall cut. This gives a shaggy yet current look.


9. High Profile

This creates volume to the sides of the face and gives a gorgeous profile. It also shows off the nape area and the curves are to die for. Chic and beautiful!


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 10. One-length Bob

A one length bob will maintain the weight of the hair and give it minimal movement. It’s charming and timeless.


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