College is an exciting place to be. There is the prospect of finding love, partying till you have no memories of the parties, and studying a subject you chose. College is more about finding yourself than finding good grades on your mark sheet. For the latter half, the professors are responsible. And if you are lucky, you will have quite a few illustrious ones. Here are lists of professors you are likely to meet:

1. The Professors who tries to be cool

This is the Phil Dunphy of college professors. They try out inappropriate jokes in the middle of lectures, and try to pair up students in class just to win the affection of the class. What they don’t realize is that they end up trying too hard. These are the kinds who desperately try to fit into the class even though they forget that they are faculty, and not just another college student trying to make too many friends.

2. The one who thinks you’re in school

This is the worst kind of professor. They’ll teach you Literary Theory or Quantum Physics, but if you want to drink water in class, they’ll expect you to ask for permission. Effectively reducing their students to middle school kids, these professors curtail every possible liberty that a college student is given. They still haven’t gotten over the hangover of being a school teacher. Someone needs to tell them that they have graduated.

3. The Boho-Chic renegade

This species of professor is observed wearing extremely hip clothes. Usually seen in Liberal Arts colleges, their teaching capabilities might be dubious, but they sure know how to pull off a dress. Their teaching style is as avant-garde as their sense of fashion, and they have a unique personality. These types of professors are quite rare, but consider yourself lucky if you find one.

4. The one who everyone imitates

Yes, we all have one professor who everyone loves to imitate. However, if one happens to find someone like that in college, then the implications of that are really fun. You always have some laughing stock ready for parties. And if you are really lucky, then the same professor will have a certain word or phrase which he/she repeats. This could easily become a drinking game. All you need to do is record one of their lectures and get hammered. Studying has never seemed to be so much fun.

5. The one who never turns up

If you have strict attendance rules in college, you need a couple of professors who can miss a couple of classes. However, there are some professors who just do not turn up. They can go weeks without appearing in class, and will finish the entire year’s worth of material in a week. These are the professors who take the most extra classes-simply because they missed all the normal classes. You’re simply unlucky if the teacher actually teaches well. These professors bunk more than their students.

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