Almost everyone in India has a Bihari friend, who goes on and on about the Bihari cuisine back home. Most of them would also have never visited Bihar, considering it really isn’t on everyone’s travel bucket list. Here is a list of ten foods from Bihar which you shouldn’t miss! Some of these you will be able to find in major cities; otherwise you could always experiment in your kitchen with the help of Google.

#1 Malpua

Starting off with something sweet, Malpua is as authentic Bihari as it can get. The delicious fried sweet is made with flour, milk, sugar and banana. The flour gives it a nice brown crust on deep frying while the banana leaves the centre soft and flavorful.

Malpua Bihari Cuisine

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#2 Litti Chokha (most popular dish from Bihari cuisine)

Arguably the most well known dish from Bihar. Litti Chokha is a dish which could be a snack or even a main course. The litti is made with flour and stuffed with besan or gram flour, Indian spices and lemon juice and is nicely roasted. This is eaten in accompaniment with the chokha or the boiled vegetable, when made right the dry spicy litti can be perfect with the chokha!

Litti Chokha Bihari Cuisine

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#3 Dal Puri

It is said that Dal Puri finishes in the kitchen even before it is served, and rightly so! This amazing dish is deep fried heaven made from a spicy Bengal gram filling in wheat flour. Almost all Bihari foods are made with nutritious ingredients and the Dal Puri is a meal in itself and delicious at that.

Dal Puri Bihari Cuisine

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#4 Parwal ki mithai

Everyone should get their veggies for the day and how amazing if one could get them in the form of mithai! Parwal ki mithai is a unique dish to Bihar, one would have heard of Carrot or Bootle Gourd Halwa but this sweet dish uses the Parwal or the Pointed Gourd in its entirety. The parwal is stuffed with delicious mawa or dried thickened milk to make an irresistible sweet.

Parwal ki mithai Bihari Cuisine

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#5 Makhaanak Kheer

Biharis love their sweet and they have mixed it up with their favourite nut in this sweet dish, the kheer makhana. Makhana or the fox nut is the seed from the water lily family and widely available in East India. The seeds are usually roasted or fried and eaten with spices but in this recipe they are used as a base for kheer.

Makhaanak Kheer Bihari Cuisine

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