#6 Ghugni

Made from different chana types like black chana, red chana and sometimes even from peas, Ghugni is gravy like dish made with a lot of spices. It is quite similar to the Ragda which western India folks might be aware of. This popular evening snack is eaten with puffed rice, poori or even hot pakodas.

Ghugni Bihari Cuisine

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#7 Dal Pitha

Almost every region has its own version of steamed dumplings and Bihar is not left behind. Dal Pitha is a steamed dish made with the Bengal gram and rice. The gram flour is ground and spiced and then stuffed into the rice flour dumpling and then steamed. There is no time wasted in eating and ghee is poured over the ready steaming dumplings and is accompanied by potato curry.

Dal Pitha Bihari Cuisine

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#8 Thekua

Biharis had their own biscuits way before the British introduced them to India. The Thekua is a sweet made from wheat flour, sugar and ghee, many a times it is made from jaggery as well which gives it an earthy taste. The sweet becomes hard on cooling and can be used stored for many days but the yummy taste will not leave them in storage for long!

Thekua Bihari Cuisine

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#9 Kadhi Badi

Bengal Gram Dal is one of the most used ingredients in Bihari cuisine and also the base for this dish the Kadhi Badi. This is a gravy dish made with curds and gram flour which is used to make the badi or the fried dumpling which goes in the gravy.

Kadhi Badi Bihari Cuisine

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#10 Tilkut

Winters are harsh in Bihar when the temperature dips and the locals resort to all means to keep themselves warm. Sesame is a well known to increase body heat and it is the base for this sweet dish. Tilkut is made by roasting crushed seasame seeds with jaggery and making them into small discs. These are eaten as snacks or simply as dessert!

Tilkut Bihari Cuisine

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