Feeling guilty about consuming too much chocolate lately? Don’t.
Chocolates has various health benefits that even chocoholics are unaware of. This listicle will help uncover them.

1. Nutrition value

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A bar of dark chocolate with high cocoa content is very nutritious and packed with all the good things your body needs.
100 grams of dark chocolate holds:
11 grams fibre
89% of the RDA for copper
68% of the RDA for iron
Rich in potassium, phosphorous and zinc as well

2. Good for the heart

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Chocolate helps in restoring flexibility to the blood arteries and prevents white blood cells from sticking onto the walls of blood vessels, both being common causes of clogging.

3. Helps you with Math

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It is a surprising fact that chocolate makes you better at math. It was proven by a recent study that after consuming a bar of chocolate, people were 34% better with sums. This is because the flavonoids in the chocolate help in increasing blood circulation to the brain.

4. Improves Sex Life

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Chocolate is a preferred aphrodisiac. Since it stimulates and regulates blood flow, a person feels better about himself or herself and is compelled to devote more time and passion towards sex.

5. Cures Cough

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Chocolate is a brilliant solution to curing a cough. It contains the same amount of theobromine as contained in cough syrup. Theobromine soothes the vagus nerve, which triggers coughing fits.

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