6. Natural Sunscreen

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Chocolate also protects your skin against the sun. It improves blood flow which increases skin density and hydration. The minimal erythemal dose (MED) required to cause redness in the skin after exposure to the sun took almost the double time to affect people who were consuming chocolate for about 10 weeks. Hence, chocolate protects your skin from UVB rays.

7. Prevents Diabetes

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It might sound ironic, but intake of chocolate in moderation or delays prevents the onset of diabetes. Cocoa is proven to improve insulin sensitivity.

8. Reduces Cholesterol

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A recent study has uncovered that consuming flavonoid-rich dark chocolate in liberal doses might be beneficial in fighting cholesterol.

9. PMS Solution

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Chocolate helps you to get through the PMS phase with ease. Chocolates release endorphins which reduce anxiety and are rich in magnesium as well which reduces water retention. That is why women crave chocolates while they are PMS-ing.

10. Helps During Pregnancy

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Recent studies have shown that theobromine present in chocolate reduces preeclampsia which is a major pregnancy complication. Preeclampsia occurs due to a rise in blood pressure. Eating chocolates lowers this risk by over 65%.

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