If you thought toothpaste could be used only in cleaning your teeth, you are thoroughly mistaken. Toothpaste is a wonderful agent which has many other surprising uses as well. Mentioned below are 10 such toothpaste uses for our daily life.

1. Correct Hair Colouring Mistakes

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We often end up making mistakes while colouring or bleaching our hair. A dab of white toothpaste over the mistake can help clear it up. Also, toothpaste can remove colour from your hairline and ears.

2. Defog Goggles

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All swimmer have faced the problem of fogged goggles. Instead of spending loads of money on a defogger, dab a little toothpaste on the lens and clean it well and voila! Your glasses are good as new.

3. Car Freshener

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Wrap up a small quantity of toothpaste and place under the seat of your car. When your car is in the sun, the toothpaste also heats up and releases a minty smell which eliminates unpleasant odour in the car and leaves the car smelling fresh.

4. Put Up Posters

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You don’t require tape or any adhesive to stick posters on the wall when you have toothpaste. Dab a little on the sides of the poster and put it up on the wall. Peeling it off also becomes easier and any remnants on the wall can be wiped with a damp cloth.

5. Toothpaste uses in cleaning jewellery

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To make silver jewellery and diamonds sparkle brighter than before; clean them with a solution of toothpaste and water. This method is foolproof and works every time. Make sure that you remove all traces of toothpaste from the jewellery.

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