There are people who love pets and there are people who hate them. If you grew up in a family that has always had a dog, and now you want to get one of your own, there are a few things your dog will teach you. Having a dog when you’re living alone or with your significant other is not the same as having a family dog.

1. Mother’s Value

Your dog will teach you just how much work your mother did. Seriously – you have no idea how much work your mother did when the dog was a puppy. She cleaned up after the dog, taught it to stop doing its business inside the house, and a million other things. None of those things are easy.

Things your dog will teach youBut I’m no trouble at all! Right?

2. Separation anxiety

Most family dogs never have to deal with real separation anxiety because usually, there’s somebody home. But now, you’ll have to leave the dog at home while you go to work. It will howl, it will whine, it will bark, and it might chew things up. But can you blame the poor thing? It doesn’t know if you’ll ever come back!

3. Guilt

This is also unavoidable. Your dog will teach you what is it to take someone on a guilt trip. Need to go shopping? You’ll put it off if you can. Do you know how long it’s been since I enjoyed the second half of a movie at a cinema? Exactly as long as I’ve had my dog. Did you eat a whole sandwich without giving your dog some? Oh, you horrible human!

Things your dog will teach youYou left me alone for five whole minutes. I still love you. You’re a horrible person. But I love you. Pic via

 4. Vets

Your dog will hate going to the vet. This means that you will hate going to the vet. You will feel like you’re leading your dog into some torture chamber, and it will look at you as if you’re betraying it. Suck it up and deal with it.

Things your dog will teach youIf I wish really hard, we’ll be going to the park instead of the vet… Pic via

 5. Products and more products

Your dog needs products. Advertising to pet owners is aggressive. It’s a lot harder now than it used to be because vets will also push products. They will tell you that dry dog food is a gift from the heavens. You need to find another vet immediately.

6. Shopping Difficulty

Going to the local chicken shop will become a lot more difficult because having a dog is a lesson in compassion. After a few minor and unavoidable injuries and the ensuing panic, you will cringe at any kind of cruelty to animals.

7. Alone time

Sometimes, you will crave some alone time. You will find that alone time. You will immediately crave your dog’s company.

DogYes, alone time. This is alone time. Pic via

8. Festive Planning

Diwali will need a lot more planning because fireworks are no longer something to stand and watch from the terrace. They’re the devil’s tool to turn your dog into a whimpering, pathetic ball of fur.

Things your dog will teach youLoud… Sounds… Help… Pic via

9. Heightened Empathy

Your relationships with the strays around you will change. You will feel horrible if you see them wet or hungry, and you will try to feed them. But they might not appreciate your dog, and that will make you forget all that compassion and kindness in about a second.

10. Happiness

See, I saved the best for last. Yes, your dog will teach you to deal with having chewed slippers, (and as of last night, a chewed up favourite pyjama bottom for me). Vacations will become road trips. Your outings will be drastically cut in frequency. But you will have about a million times more happiness in your life because that’s what having a dog does. Dogs are happy-makers.

Things your dog will teach youChew things? Me? Trouble? What? Pic via

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