Leonardo DiCaprio has stunned us with flawless performances time and again. Every Oscar season, we root for him but are then left disappointed because he did not win. An extremely talented and versatile actor, the variety of characters he has portrayed are diverse and never the same. As the year comes to a close, we are anticipating another stellar performance in The Revenant. Here are ten of his best performances!

1. Django Unchained

There is definitely no performer who equals him as the evil Calvin Candie in this movie. Although he gets very less screen time, he delivers a performance as a plantation owner with such precision that you will end up abhorring his character, which is exactly what he aims to do.

Leonardo DiCaprio

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2. Titanic

The evergreen romantic movie has been touted as one of DiCaprio’s finest performances. Playing a poor but charming young man who falls in love with a rich young woman, he shows us what love is really like in his performance as Jack.

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3. Inception

Absolutely mind-boggling, this sci-fi film has DiCaprio playing a very talented thief with a special ability. The very complicated character of Cobb is portrayed with intensity as we go on a journey of a lifetime with him.


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4. Wolf of Wall Street

The cut-throat of wall street is portrayed realistically in this movie. Playing the character of Jordan, who wants to get rich quickly and by scamming people, DiCaprio makes us despise his character and later sympathise with him as he eventually faces the consequences of his actions.

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5. The Great Gatsby

Adapted from F. Scoot Fitzgerald’s novel with the same name, DiCaprio plays the enigmatic and forever hopeful Jay Gatsby. Watch as he takes his character and us on a journey of trying to win back his lost love.


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