6. Catch Me If You Can

Playing Frank Abagnale Jr., a teenage con artist, DiCaprio manages to take us on a very realistic journey where his character is constantly on the run, outwitting an FBI agent.


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 7. The Departed

A gripping film set in Boston, the story takes place around an Irish mafia mob. The boss plants a mole in the police, who in turn plant a mole in the gang, played by DiCaprio. It is a race against time as everyone is intent on uncovering each other’s identities.

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8. The Basketball Diaries

The movie is an adaptation of the poet Jim Carrol’s life story. DiCaprio portrays a basketball prodigy’s downward spiral into addiction with such force that we feel like we are a part of the entire journey, step by step.

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 9. Shutter Island

A psychological thriller directed by the talented Martin Scorsese, this will leave you with a lot of questions as you follow the complicated journey of DiCaprio’s character Edward Daniels.

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10. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

 Perhaps one of his best performances, playing Arnie in this movie earned him his first Oscar nomination at only 19 years. He plays the character of a mentally disable child so well, that we feel every emotion and frustration just as his character does.

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