Yet another over-indulgence? Well, we are a country of food lovers and that too, oily and high-calorie food. So is there anything you can do now that the mithais, golgappas et al have been downed? Yes, you can. Below are some (non-fasting) tips to give yourself a quick detox. See what suits you, and you can even combine a few. So here you go!

1. Liquids

The first thing you want to do is to make sure that your body has the amino to digest all the heavy food. Your biggest friend right now is helpful liquids. The best and most easily available is of course, water. Try to have warm or room temperature water. Other detox with liquids that you can try are ginger tea, green tea and lemon tea. Please avois sugary and fizzy drinks at all costs.

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2. Fibers next morning

After liquids, fibers are a good aid to help in digestion of rich and heavy food. You can have oatmeal, muesli and/or fruits the next morning in order to kickstart your day with fibers. Flaxseed also aids in digestion and you can take a handful before your breakfast or you can sprinkle it over your oats/muesli. Nuts and avacados can also be helpful.

3. Proteins and Non starchy veggies

The other meals on your next day (the day after indulgence) should contain proteins and non-starchy vegetables. So avoid potatoes and red meat, as well as carbs present in breads, rotis and rice. Go for lean meat steaks and stir-fried or boiled vegetables. Clear soups, stews and non-carb sizzlers are also a good option. Of course, you can also make an egg preparation without the yolk.


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4. Salt skipping

Try skipping salt entirely for a day. This will make your body release excess water, so that if there is any bloating and indigestion, it will be resolved instantly. However, do not overdo this because salt is vital for your body. Restrict this to once a month, and if possible, immediately after the indulgent day, for maximum effect.

5. Exercise to detox

Of course, the best way to get rid of bumper calories is to just burn them off before they get too comfortable inside your body. But you don’t have to run the dreaded treadmill another 20 minutes if you do not like doing that. You can try hot yoga or power yoga in order to really detox from inside out. Slower forms of exercises like pilates, weight training and taichi also burn a lot of calories.

If you want, you can set a target of walking 10,000 steps for 3 consecutive days, and this can be achieved by walking around when you are on the phone, taking the stairs more, and also walking around a mall to do shopping! You just need to be creative to find out the most fun way of losing the excess.

Protip: Many weight management classes like Zumba have 3-day free trials. Use them to balance out your indulgence!


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