As India continues to get hotter, we are all desperately wishing for the monsoon rains. Of course, when the rains come, we will crib about potholes, traffic jams and water logging. But as of now, it seems like the most awaited sensation! The petrichor and sleep while listening to the rain fall are some of the most prized monsoon experiences. Here are some things you could do when the monsoon rains makes its first fall.

1. Relief for the skin

There is some conventional knowledge that the first rain is really good for all kinds of skin problems. It is said to supply the skin with the antidotes it needs. However, in most cities, there are are pollutants at the top layer of the air and the rains bring those with them, causing acid rain. So, to soak in the rain for skin problems, it might be better to visit a riverside or a remote area, or even a sea side. Anything but in the midst of the city.

monsoon rains

2. Make a paper boat and jump in a puddle

If you have children in the family or even if you want to be a child again, you know what to do. Rain-made puddles are best for floating paper boats – and that’s no child’s play. There can be some fierce boating competition there! You could simply jump in the puddles and get away from the orderly, neat life we regularly have. Of course, if you do this with children, they are totally going to enjoy this!

monsoon rains

3. Have pakodas and chai in the monsoon rains

Whether you make the pakodas at home or have them at a road-side stall, the bliss you feel is the same. To have warm pakodas and chai in your mouth while its freezing outside or when you’re soaked to the bone – is an amazing sensation altogether.


4. Go on a ride or a walk and confess your love

Walks and rides in the rain can feel exhilarating. It tends to put us in a good mood and may be a good time to confess your love! After all, Bollywood has romanticized rainy confessions to no end. If you have been through a break-up, rains are a great sign that things change and get better. After the sweltering heat comes the relief of monsoon rains.

monsoon rains

5. Donate umbrellas and rain gear

Lastly, you could spend your first day of rains with some generosity. There are many people around us, who are not as sheltered from the rains as we are. Consider donating your old umbrellas and rain gear to those in need. You could also fund the expenses of a tarpaulin for people who live on the roads and need to protect their shanties from the monsoon rains.

No matter how you spend your first day of monsoon rains, it is definitely going to be a welcome change from shutting yourself inside AC rooms running away from the blistering heat!

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