Farmers are having such a tough time. We all hear from time to time, about the farmer’s crises, the debt, and the depression they face as the weight of all this. As urban people, we do know the basics of the markets and commodities. Here are some principles of the urban market trends that rural farmers could also apply, especially relevant are those to do with our startup culture.

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Farmers & Middlemen

The biggest problem is middlemen. Farmers toil and work hard and they take your profits away, simply because they have the reach that you do not. In a traditional market, it would be difficult to cut down middlemen. But in today’s market, there are apps you could use. For the urban scenario, travel apps have made it so much easier to find good rooms at cheat prices. Similarly, apps like Mandi Trades could help farmers cut out the market and reach the direct consumer.

Find your niche

If the startup and app market has taught anything, it is that you need to have a specific product. When you try to do everything, you fall back. Crop rotation falls in place with these. As you grow complementary crops that help to preserve the soil without fertilizers, it will keep your farmland healthy and also your pocket. What grows best in your farm? Understand that and focus on that as a farmer. Quality is vital. If you do not practice crop rotation, eventually quality will go down. So if you grow great mangoes, find mango lovers and keep your farm in good health to be growing mangoes.


Use of government schemes

The government is desperate to help you farmers out. For us urban people, they don’t even build our roads properly! But they are going out of the way to help you. Get someone to tell you of the schemes and make full advantage of these. Government support is ultimately required to come out of crises. Similar to India’s startup-supporting policy, the scheme for farmers are many and available for small and big farmers.

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People get appealed by packaging. This is true not just for individual consumers but big companies or markets that buy from you. It has a subconscious psychological effect, and people don’t mind paying higher if the product looks good. So do what you can to make your product look fresh, healthy and abundant. In foreign countries, farmers use a lot of fresh leaves when packaging fruits, to give the appearance of fresh and healthy.

Differential pricing

This is what will take the cake. If you sell to some families or companies who you know can pay you more, go for differential pricing. When your product is good enough so that it can’t be easily substituted and you have packaged well and built a good relationship, your bigger customers won’t mind paying a higher price.



A lot of farm and crop insurance plans are coming up. Since weather and other uncontrollable factors can affect your livelihood, getting insurance is a must.


Lastly, look after yourself. You work very hard and if you fall ill, a lot can go wrong. Don’t ignore a problem till it becomes a big problem. Use subsidized healthcare to get the care you need.

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