With continuous research and development in the field of electronics and information technology there has been a continuous improvisation of the existing technology. Each year there are new additions of gadgets which make our lives easy.

Discussed are the recently launched gadgets.

1. Fitbit Alta

Fitbit was launched in February 2016 and has the innovative activity of tracking. This gadget is priced at 12,999. The stylish device is available on Amazon since March 2016. This super cool gadgets stands out in terms of the offerings being provided in a small package. It is a multitasker and provides features like reminder which helps people to stay fit and healthy along with that it also provides visual feedback on the progress and keeps an individual connected with the smart notifications. The gadget is compatible with a wide range of devices mobile phones, laptop etc.


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2. Sensorwake

For all those nocturnal who find it difficult to wake up early in the morning, here is a surprise for you, guess what a sensor clock which can wake your senses by using the smell of coffee which brings the adrenaline rush and makes you get going, the problem can be solved by this high end gadget. It is available at the price of INR 7260.


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3. LG Signature Refrigerator

Wanna know what’s hidden inside, lets guess an innovative gadget a refrigerator which can sense anyone standing besides it and open on its own to reveal the stuff kept inside, or by simple knock knock seems like magic isn’t it? LG has come up with an entirely different concept of refrigerator having in built sensors to sense the presence of people nearby.

LG refrigerator-min

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4. Sony PSH X-500 Turntable

Old is always gold, as the technology progressed we are now in the generation of CDs and DVDs, the cassettes and vinyl records seem to be extinct. This gadget by sony will revive the memories of those people who have preserved their old vinyl records. Direct-to-digital turntables aren’t new, but this one records to DSD (direct stream digital), and will provide Sony’s high-quality digital audio format.


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5. One Plus 3

This is one of the most hyped high end gadget, which will give a sure shot competition to its competitors. The phone is one of a kind in terms of the features it is providing. It is available at an affordable price of INR 27,999. A flagship killer phone with a 6 GB RAM a unique feature which was missing in high end mobile phones. It has a 64 GB inbuilt memory and a type-c USB charger which charges 60% of battery within 30 minutes. It includes NFC to provide enhance connectivity.

One plus 3-min

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6. Poloroid Zip 

This is a winner of all gadgets for those who want an instant copy of their clicked photos and stands out because of its usage and function. These features are being offered in the size of a phablet. It has the capability of connecting with both android phones as well as iOS devices via Bluetooth. The most incredible feature being the use of zero ink technology which allows the printing of up to 15 photographs in a single charge. It can print 2×3 inch colour photos.


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7. Samsung Tizen TV 

Samsung one of the biggest players in Electronics has launched a series of Ultra HD television sets. There are three different variants – JS9500, JS9000 and JS8500with 4k technology, which will be available in 9 different sizes starting from 48 inches to 88 inches. The engine has been designed in such a fashion that the television automatically analyses the brightness of images and does the adjustment. The price range starts from INR 70,000.


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So grab the opportunity and don’t miss the fun of exploring these supercool gadgets. Aesthete gadgets will help in making our complex lives much more simpler and cooler with latest technology.

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