The internet is a wonderful medium, it allows you to explore and discover from the comfort of your armchair. However, there are times when you see something so fabulous that it deserves to be experienced firsthand. A lot of people today especially in India are taking up trekking and hiking, you can see a lot of blog posts and photographs of people going on treks, both amateurs and experienced.

If you have been dreaming of going on a trek then these 7 reasons should definitely inspire you to pack your backpack and go for hiking:

1. Unexplored beauty of India

India is a very beautiful country with exquisite landscapes, right from the mighty Himalayas in the north to the misty Nilgiris in the south and from the jungles of North East to the vastness of Sahyadris in the West. Many of these destinations are inaccessible by road and it’s a blessing for retaining the beauty of the place! You can experience these unique locations only by foot on a trek.


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2. Discover yourself

While discovering a new place is enticing, a more rewarding experience is to get to discover you.  Walking down a rocky path at the edge of a cliff with the rolling hills behind you and the snow peaks ahead you are simply cut off from all civilization. With no mobile networks, the constant ping of your phone from messages and emails won’t bother you. It is a perfect time to reflect, relax and discover what you really enjoy in life.

3. Make new friends

Trekkers are unlike regular travelers, those who enjoy sightseeing. Trekkers relish the journey and the tough ordeal that goes in undertaking a trek; they get a high on the summit of a mountain. You will find friends amongst these people who are fun, outgoing, and successful and come from varied walks of life.

4. Pick up a new hobby

You would have bought that new camera but haven’t been able to put it to good use. Or that urge to write, but haven’t been able to get down to it! A hike is a perfect time to start or renew a hobby like photography, writing or sketching. The serene atmosphere and the rush from adrenaline at the end of the day can be mentally stimulating and perfect time to indulge in creative pursuits.

5. A health boost

With the cities battling for fresh air and going up in arms against pollution, your body needs a healthy boost of energy. The fresh air from the mountains can do a lot of good to you and even if for a short time, can refresh your system.

6. Become a part of a community

The trekking community is very close knit and driven on experiences. You can become a part of a hiking group and get to meet experienced hikers who can inspire you to go on more hikes. You will always find company and inspiration to do more in life!

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7. You will beat the odds

You have heard of runners high, but there is also the ‘Hikers high’, that is the feeling when you summit a mountain and look around the expanse and feel on top of the world! That is a feeling of accomplishment that is not felt by everyone. The physical endurance, the mental turmoil that go into reaching the top is all rewarded and makes you a stronger individual and gets you revved up to achieve anything!

Inspiration to Go for Hiking

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