We all desire a clean house to wake up in and retire to. By habit and forced by the environment around us, Indians do lot of things in order to keep the house clean. However many house keeping mistakes make the house dirtier than clean.

1. Closed Enclosures Are Cleaner

clean house

Some of the common house keeping mistakes include the myth that keeping all the doors and windows shut makes our home environment healthy. Truth is, it prevents air circulation and sunlight from entering the house. Closed windows and doors might prevent dust but a non breathing house is the open invitation to bacteria, fungus and growth of several kind of insects which cannot otherwise survive in sunlight. So open your windows and doors today.

2. Don’t dust the settled dust

Clean House

Do you do dust the settled dust with a spare cloth everyday trying to get rid of it? You must have observed that after just a few minutes dust comes back on to the furniture. Reason being, the vigorous dusting movements does not really clear the dust, it just displaces it from the furniture to mix in the air and once the air settles down it brings back the dust with it.

Moreover, displacing dust in the air causes inhalation of the same. Continuous inhalation of dust causes chronic ailments like asthma and other lung related diseases. You must use a semi damp cloth to gently wipe off the settled dust. Be careful to not keep the cloth too moist as it might damage the polish coating on your wooden furniture.

3. Why arrange if it is again going to get scattered?

Clean House

Do you let things just remain scattered for the reason that the arrangement would again be disturbed? Unfortunately, a scattered house hinders proper cleaning. For a tidy germ free house, it is imperative to have a respective place for every object. The next step is to make a little effort and keep the objects in their respective places even if you have children around who would regularly scatter things. 

4. Waste Collection Is Not Enough

House keeping mistakes include the way we handle and dispose waste. Many urban households have started to practice waste segregation and garbage collection in plastic bags. However segregation and collection is not enough. Proper and regular disposal of garbage is mandatory as it invites flies which are also carriers of diseases like typhoid, cholera, dysentery. Garbage should be disposed everyday in a hygienic manner.

5. Same footwear for inside and outside the house


People think it is okay to wear outdoor shoes inside the house. But, it is not. Harmful pollutants stuck to the footwear settle on the carpets and doormats. The dust from our feet is also accumulated in these. You should have separate indoor and outdoor footwear. Even the carpets and doormat should be cleaned everyday and replaced regularly.

6. Change of bathroom towels


The areas which require most attention are the washrooms and the kitchen. Hygiene and proper sanitation is very important in these parts of the house. The things that are used by everyone like the wash basin towel should be changed at regular intervals. Absence of no marks or dirt on the towel does not mean it is clean. Water borne germs invisible to naked eye, get accumulated in these towels and therefore they should be put for wash at regular intervals.

7. Management of used plates

The cleanliness of the kitchen reflects on the health of the family. Dishes and utensils should be cleansed properly and dried with a clean dry cloth. If you leave soiled dishes and utensils overnight, please ensure you have disposed the leftover food and rinsed the plate & utensils once to wash off/soak sticky food particles. Do not think that why should you waste water now to rinse now when again in the morning the maid will rinse them before washing. When you leave dirty plates & utensils overnight in the kitchen, it invites not only germs and bacteria but also pests like cockroaches, ants, flies etc. Therefore semi cleaning them is as important as final cleaning.

8. Plants are invitation to mosquitoes

A large part of the population feel keeping plants in the house is an invitation to pests, insects, mosquitoes and so on. However truth is, some plants should be kept in the house to avail fresh oxygen. If the potted plant is well maintained and kept clean it will not invite any mosquito, fly, insect etc. Plants also do add beauty to the interior-decorated houses.

If you can avoid these commonly done house keeping mistakes nothing can stop you from having a clean, hygienic, healthy and happy house.

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