Most people love eating whatever they get the urge for. However sometimes, we may end up biting the rather too hard food or try to open a cold drink bottle cap with our teeth. Many a time we may even brush too hard fearing that our teeth are turning yellow. Unfortunately, all of this is damaging our teeth and our dental care regime is going for a toss.

Today we are going to share a list of food items which are clearly not intended for your teeth’s good health in the long term. As it is said that eating really matters!

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1. Ice Cubes

People think ice cube is just water in solid form and therefore it’s alright to eat it. But the truth is, chewing hard substances like  ice cubes can damage the gums & enamel. Yes, the pleasure of chewing an ice cube is understandable but its not worth the fun.

Ice bad for teeth

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2. Citrus

Acidic foods can easily damage the enamel, if consumed frequently. Too much citrus fruits and juices can bring up swelling and sores in the mouth. Avoid eating sour fruits frequently and even if you do, protect your teeth from coming in direct contact with the sourness. Many people suck on lemons for Vitamin C deficiency, try doing so by adding lemon juice to a glass of water and drinking it rather than sucking on the lemon directly.

Citrus bad for teeth

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3. Tea & Coffee

We all love our morning & evening beverage! Its unimaginable to stop consuming it. However the issue is, it leads to tooth decay in the long run. By now you would have understood that anything which has sugars in it, isn’t good for our teeth. So continuing with the same logic, tea and coffee are bad for too.

Additionally, many people like to drink pipping hot tea and coffee. Its immaterial then whether you have added sugar to it or not because the pipping hot beverage is surely peeling off layers from your enamel just as ice cold things are.

Tea Coffee Bad for teeth

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4. Dry Fruits

Some dry fruits are sticky and some are hard shelled like Pistachio, Walnuts, Apricot and so on. When  we try to break open these food with our teeth, we are most certainly damaging the teeth and ripping off the enamel. Therefore avoid the macho man practice and please use cutters to break open the food.

Dry Fruits Sticky for Teeth

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5. Potato Chips

Who hates potato chips? I haven’t come across a single person who doesn’t like eating them. But these chips contain starch which gets trapped inside your teeth. One way to get rid of the starch is by flossing. Remember therefore to floss your teeth after every starchy meal.

Waffers Sticky on Teeth

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