Bollywood Breakups

Homo sapiens have this habit of eating as well as talking junk! Instead of patch ups, it’s breakups that amuses us more. Our nature by default is programmed in such a way that we just can’t resist ourselves from poking our nose into others lives. And media has time and again proved itself to be that bitchy aunty which sleuths around celebs in hope to get some peppered information on their personal lives driving them crazy. But there are few Bollywood breakups which pained fans as if it happened to them. Relationships which ended leaving partners as well as whole nation bereaving, catered maximum buzz and lots and lots of (a)tension.

1. Amitabh and Rekha

Bollywood Breakups

This duo tops the chart even today when it comes to controversy. The air is still not clear on their then relationship but yes whatever they had was a complete mess for sure. Media even today tries to dig up the grave of decades old relationship that either didn’t exist or didn’t let it exist or whatever.

2. Salman and Aishwarya

Bollywood Breakups

This couple was typical ‘Indian’ couple who were in ‘love’ and yet into lots of one on one ‘combat’ which lead to police case and lot of howling and bashing at each other. Even bhai fans went face palmed on their then never ending melodrama.

3. Ranbir and Deepika

Bollywood Breakups

That chocolaty boy melted dimpled girl’s heart only to leave her to the hands of depression. Their break up was saddening. But this sadness didn’t last long. Thankfully Ranveer Singh jumped in like a true prince charming and has made her life a bed of roses.

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