4. Shahid and Kareena

Bollywood Breakups

The whole nation cursed Bebo for dumping Shahid like a tissue and that too after being in live-in for three years and five years of relationships on the whole. While Kareena moved over him and did her ghar basaana ritual with Nawab Saif, poor Shahid was still frisking around for love hoping from one lap to another and finally ended onto the lap of Mira Rajput.

5. John and Bipasha

Bollywood Breakups

Considered to be hottest and fittest Jodi of Bollywood, they left media shocked when they ended up their ten years of relationship. Different set of reasons came flooding in from all directions, but mainly considered Bips callousness towards marriage and John married Priya, and this one seems to be short term now. Well the news took some time to get fed in our brains.

6. Hrithik and Suzzane 

Bollywood BreakupsNo one has got a firm reasoning behind their split but yet nation wants to know. Buzzing bees say it to be Suzzane’s dheere dheere se Arjun Rampal ki zindagi me jana. Both the parties are tight lipped till date; not even a nag or taunt.

People fall in and moments later they fall out. Time is unpredictable. Whoever we idolise to be a perfect couple can leave you surprised any moment.

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