It may seem like there is not much one can do as a regular citizen in order to make India better. Most of us assume that a change can be brought only by the powerful or by the office bearers. However truth is we all can now transform our patriotism into action by doing many things to make India better.

There are these 7 things that ordinary citizens can do to help the social and economic development of the country.

1. Educating the service workers

We interact with many people on a day to day basis who do not know a lot about aspects of day to day living. For example: the maid, watchman or a peon in our office may be duped into signing documents they do not understand or in general be hampered everywhere due to lack of education. If we could teach them to read & write they would have ease in conducting formal work.


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2. Sanitation awareness

Many of the above mentioned service workers do not know about the importance of cleanliness. For example, why open defecation is unhealthy for them, or why women should not use cloth pads during periods. Informing about these little things can help them to lead a healthier life.


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3. Women’s rights

A large number of men and women do not know women’s rights in India. Someone we know of may be suffering from domestic abuse or heavy burdens of dowry. There are laws to protect them and keep them safe. Also there is a special section of the police at their disposal. There are dedicated helpline numbers too for women and child. Educating them about these can help them lead a safer life.

4. Adopt a beggar

Get to know a beggar in your locality, provide them with food and water and slowly figure out how you can get them gainful employment. If you see someone who looks mentally ill and has been reduced to begging, you can inform NGOs like Shraddha which work with wandering mentally ill persons.

5. Organize a cleanliness drive

Involve your society or friends on a Sunday and clean up your lane/locality. It will generate a domino effect and help to make the entire area clean.


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6. Maintain places you visit

You can also do your bit by making sure that when visiting gardens, theatres and other places, or even when on the road, you do not litter or spit. By doing your bit towards a cleaner India, you will help to not only beautify but also promote health.

7. Proper garbage disposal

The government has been trying relentlessly to get people to separate wet and dry garbage before disposing because separating later is difficult. Start yourself and slowly tell your friends and family as well, to keep 2 dustbins.

These may seem like small steps but they go a long way in making a clean and green India. It will also make the country stronger as more and more people will lead a healthy and safe life.

We all want to see India develop and become a highly progressive nation. By adopting these small measures in our daily lives each one of can contribute towards the cause to make India better.

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