Being marriage material men is not easy. Here is a handy checklist for being able to find a bride soon.

#1 No dominance

First of all, tell yourself every morning that you are not a superior soul born to control and tame women. Please take out that superiority complex from your head. It was in tribal era that men hunted down wild tigers and lions and felt brave in front of their women. Times have changed now. Please learn to be suave and accept a no – whether it is for sex or for having babies. If she does not want it then she does not. Respect it.

#2 The calm and fit man

Meditate to keep your mind calm. Don’t go around screaming and shouting. Its so uncouth. Make sure you workout and have a great body too. Its survival of the fittest, literally!

Marriage material men have fit bodies

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#3 The multi tasking man

There is no rule book in existence stating which gender should do what work. There is absolutely nothing wrong if your partner does not like to cook much and you have to share the work load. Please learn not only how to cook but also how to clear the aftermath in kitchen. Take a house keeping crash course if need be.

Marriage material men

#4 The smartass

Please, please, please read newspapers, GK books, take IQ tests, participate in knowledge enhancing sessions to be an intelligent, smart ass. Just having a high paying job is not enough.

#5 The headturner

Study well when you are meant to do so. Well read, learned man is a must. You are a reflection of her choice as much as she is a reflection of yours. It is therefore imperative that as is expected out of her, so do you conduct yourself well in front of her family, friends and colleagues.

#6 The chivalrous man

Accept it – there is nothing called “male ego”. Be humble, be chivalrous, rooted and give credit when it is due. Protect her, take her stand when she is right, support her, don’t ask her to let go just because she is a woman. Be a gentleman. Flattery is an added bonus, it won’t do you any harm 🙂

#7 The talented man

Innovate and find new ways to please her. Chocolates, flowers, cards are passé. Develop an engaging hobby like playing an instrument/ sketching/ painting/ writing poems etc. The onus need not be on her all the time. Keep it exciting. It is 944 for every 1000, remember the demand is more than the supply. So if you are at the demanding end then you have to make the first move. Its plain economics my friend.

#8 The desirable chef

Visit local food market or departmental store regularly to learn the nuances of vegetables and grocery shopping. It is such a good help for the women if your strong arms can do the weight lifting of heavy grocery bags.

Marriage material men doing grocery shopping

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#9 Na-Na mama’s boy

Accept the leap of time to come out from the mother’s pallu. We don’t like mama’s boy! Absolutely not. If you can’t stop running to your mother for every second thing then hold on; you are not yet ready for marriage.

#10 The Pleasurer

Educate yourself to learn about her erogenous zones. Master the art to “hold on”! As Twinkle Khanna quoted, “we don’t want 2 minute noodles in our kitchen or bedroom” !!

Marriage material men

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P.S.: Knowing how to dance, take care of pets, gardening, and martial arts would be an added advantage. HA HA HA Now you know how to be the marriage material men !

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