Catching a cold is extremely annoying. It doesn’t seem to be bad enough to warrant taking a few days off work, but you sure feel as if you deserve it. But there has to be a bright side to everything, so I decided to make use of my cold to try a few home remedies and see if they made the cold better, worse, or made absolutely no difference at all. Anything in the interest of scientific enquiry, am I right?

1. Exercise

Whoever came up this one should be hogtied and shot. Actually, that is far too kind. Just leave them to me – I’ll give them my cold and hogtie them onto an exercise bike. This is a horrible remedy that won’t make your cold worse, but it will seem like it does. It will make the headache worse and will make you cry a bit.


You can be sure she doesn’t have a cold.

2. Garlic

One morning of treating the cold with water boiled with garlic made absolutely no difference to the cold. However, it’s a good thing I have a cold and so have no plans of kissing anybody.


Pic via wiki

3. Ginger

Following a morning of garlic-water was an afternoon of green tea made in water boiled with ginger. It combines two remedies. It did soothe the throat quite well and made me feel very calm, which left me craving a good, strong cup of coffee. The cold is still, however, very much there.

c34. Lemon and honey

It is an excellent flavour combination and I would happily have a lot of this. It seems to have helped the cough a bit. The nose, on the other hand, kept dripping through copious quantities of lemon and honey. I might have overdone this one a bit.c5

5. Nasal irrigation

Since I have never done yoga, and had never done this before, this sounded terrifying. However, I dared myself to do it, and I wasn’t going to give up on a dare and be called a chicken by myself. Yes, of course my head is a bit addled right now. I, for all intents and purposes, snorted water till it came out of my mouth. Ironically, it made me feel like my head was on fire. It unblocked my nose while I screamed, but that was temporary.


Looks so innocuous, but it’s the tool of the devil. Pic via wiki

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