These days even while sitting idle at home, most of us can start feeling tired. What is draining us? The physical activities or the mental occupancy by stress? Well the reasons for fatigue can be many but the solution to beat the fatigue is simple and easy. Here are some of the things which can help you overcome the fatigue:

1. Music

A piece of music won’t make you ready to jump. But it does work for those moments when you really need to pump up your mental energy levels. Put on the headphones, close your eyes and lose yourself in the sound. In half an hour you will emerge refreshed and rejuvenated. If you do not have your preference for this, add Beethoven’s pieces to your music library. You may want to try listening to this the next time you’re tired and stressed out, or try different music for yourself and see what helps your fatigue the best.

 Listen to music to beat the fatigue

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2. Exercise

 Although almost any exercise is good, yoga may be especially effective for boosting energy. Learn some easy stretches and breathing exercises and practice them whenever fatigue overshadows your energy levels.

 Do Yoga to overcome Fatigue

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3. Drink Water

Drink a lot of water. Dehydration sucks energy and impairs physical performance. Dehydration has also been shown to decrease alertness and concentration. How would you know if you’re drinking enough water? “Urine should be pale yellow or straw colored. If it’s darker than that, you need to drink water.”

Drink Water to beat the fatigue

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4. Watch your body clock

 Some of us do a task well in the morning and some of us like nigh owls do better job in the night. These differences at individual level does matter when you choose to do any particular activity that demands a lot of energy. Watch over your body cycle and do the task when your energy levels are at a peak.

Body Clock

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5. Take a nap

Afternoon naps help a lot. It can be a 10-15 minutes nap but should not exceed 30 minutes or you may feel lazy later. A quick nap not only helps boost your energy level but makes your brain work faster than before. A cup of hot coffee after the nap can make you feel really good. Try!

Power Nap

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6. Lose extra flabs

Work out and get rid of those extra fats which make you feel all the more heavy and low on energy after a short activity. If exercise is boring for you, go for a walk, run, dance, gym and do any one activity that makes you feel light on your toes.

Loose Flab

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7. Improve eating habits

So we all need to cultivate a habit of eating in small portions. We are so used to eat a lot in one sitting that we don’t realize how bad it is for our health. To feel less lazy and tired, we need to eat less as in two fistful at a time and not fill our stomach full.

Better Diet

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 Guess these small little handy tips will work well to beat the fatigue and stay energetic all throughout the day! Do share, if you have some more healthy tips.

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