Most of us have vowed to some health resolutions or the other for 2017. However we all know none of them generally lasts beyond 2 – 3days. Therefore, let’s try to have some creative and unusual checklist of Health Resolutions 2017.

10 Unusual Health Resolutions 2017

1. Get a dog

Dogs are active animals. Being around one is naturally going to make you active. Dogs need to be walked at least twice a day and love to play inside the house too! If you’re allergic to animal hair or can’t get permission to keep pets at home, you can also befriend young children in your neighbourhood. Playing with young children and pets can be a great workout!

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2. Buy atleast two green vegetables

Grocery shopping is often done off a list. You think of ten easy things to make and buy vegetables accordingly. How about giving it a green twist this time? Make sure to pick up at least two green leafy vegetables when you shop. They can’t get rotten and be thrown though! You have to find some delicious recipes around them.

3. Make the oil last

Excessive oil usage is the silent killer for most of us. It’s associated with a bad heart and weight gain, among other problems. To ensure that you cut down your use of oil, buy a small container of 50 or 100 ml and make it last at least for 7 days. Do more than that if it works for you.

4. Buy an air fryer

There are many flash sales and season sales where we end up buying clothes and other things which we hardly need. An air fryer can be a better investment. Make sure to save up for it and buy one around a festive sale.

5. Select A Travel Destination to go and workout

Who does not like travelling? How about getting creative for health resolutions 2017 by combining travel with workout? Select a destination like say Goa or Varanasi or something else. And resolute to walk and explore the beach or the ghats for upto 5/7/10 kms a day. It can’t get more creative than this, can it?

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6. Go salt-free before a wedding

Socialising means going to parties and weddings and there’s no getting away from that. However, going salt free for a day, just a day or two before the wedding can help you quite a lot. Going salt free helps you to clean the body of excess water and toxins. It ensures that bloating won’t happen even while you eat the outside food. It’s a good way to handle all the heavy ingredients you are going to serve your body.

7. Chuck the heels

We all know wearing heels is harmful for your back and legs? Heels put our legs in the most unnatural position and cause joint pain and problems. Try to go for wedges, platform shoes or flats instead. You would be doing your joints a big favour.

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8. Find out twelve ways to have your milk

Most people have calcium deficiencies by the time they reach 40. A good way is to ensure milk is a part of your diet and is fun too. Youtube is full of ways to make your milk interesting. You can learn at least one new recipe per month, be it a smoothie, a milkshake or something else.

9. Get the sun on Sundays

Most days while you’re at office, it’s difficult to stock up on vitamin D. And Sunday is for slumbers. However, you can make a vow to yourself to play a sport in the early morning sun on Sundays, for at least two Sundays out of four. Even if you get 4 hours of that sun in the month, it’ll go a long way to improve your overall vitamin D.

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10. Breakup with all the stress givers

Increasingly every other relationship makes us feel used and abused. These relationships are important so we hold on to them. But the truth is they drain us emotionally. They bog us down and harrow our mind. To get rid of every such relationship should be the topmost priority of health resolution 2017. Break up all grief givers no matter who they are to you. Make your peace of mind the foremost priority. Smile everyday and keep these headaches out of sight and mind.

So which of these health resolutions 2017 will you try? Remember, regardless of what you pick, you are much more likely to be successful if you can measure your progress and reward yourself. Also, rates of following up with your resolution are much higher if you have a friend or buddy who has the same resolution. So, find a friend, and go for it!

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