Exercise is a big part of our lives. Every activity we do is kind of like an exercise in some sort or other. While we do take out time aside to exercise, there are things in our daily lives we do unknowingly that constitutes as an exercise. Obviously these daily activities do not constitute as hard core exercises but let’s take a look at seven such exercises we do everyday unknowingly:

1. Taking the stairs

This is undoubtedly an activity in almost each one of our lives. Be it 2 steps or 20, we all take stairs at least once in our full day. Taking the stairs is definitely one of the most obvious exercises we do.

2. Laughing

Not a single day goes by where we haven’t laughed, right? It has been found that laughing for just 15 minutes a day helps you lose 10-40 calories! No wonder we have all the laughter clubs. Laughter, as we know, is the best medicine.


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3. Crunching shoulders

After sitting tight for quite some time, when our shoulders start feeling stiff, we crunch them and even walk around a little to get rid of the stiffness. Especially those who work long hours, we do this activity quite often.


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4. Typing

We are continuously occupied with our phones and laptops; typing this or that. While the calorie burning is minimal, it isn’t negligible. Our fingers are continuously engaged in movements and exercise happens.

5. Drinking water

Drinking one glass of ice free water helps you lose about ten- twelve calories! We could easily burn around a hundred calories in a day if we drink ten glasses of water. Also, after consuming water, our trip to the restroom also serves as an exercise.

6. Talking on the phone

Majority of us have the habit of walking around while on the phone. Longer the phone calls, longer the walks. This continuous walking around obviously is an exercise we unknowingly do!

7. Sleeping

Yes, sleeping! Sleeping is said to burn at least 25-50 calories because of all the tossing and turning. Sure it isn’t much of an exercise but burning some calories when in a state of bliss is actually better than losing nothing at all, right?

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