Undoubtedly Kolkata’s street food is far better than all the other food available around us. This claim is made for a volley of reasons. Whether it is North Kolkata’s “cabins” or south Kolkata’s posh street food off the trolleys, this is a city that will ensure that you go home with your tummy full, even if you have 20 bucks in your pocket!

Here are 10 Kolkata’s street food joints that you can’t possibly miss when you are in the City of Joy!

1. Chop and Cutlet

These are two words which have become a vital and regular part of the middle-class Bengali man’s vocabulary. Chop and cutlet is something that your evening tea is supposed to be incomplete without, if you are in Kolkata.

You must try “Dimer Devil” which is a whole boiled egg, wrapped in stuffing and fried into a chop. Alternatively the ever-majestic “Kobiraji”! Kobiraji is essentially a chicken or a mutton cutlet, fried in a flurry of beaten eggs, which makes it look like a carnival on a plate.

Where to eat: For the best and most affordable chops and cutlets, head to Niranjan in Girish Park, or Kalika on Surya Sen Street.

Kolkata's Street Food

2. Radha Bollobi

No, this is not some strange and exotic Bengali dish. It is in fact, one of the most quintessential Bengali street food that you will find in Kolkata. Radha Bollobi is a stuffed Puri, usually containing pureed lentils or other masala fillings and is served with steaming Ghugni or Alur Dum or some more dal.

Where to eat: Putiram, on College Street. Look no further.

Kolkata's Street Food

3. Chowmein and Chili Chicken

The Indian version of this Chinese staple is something that will blow your mind! Obviously, it is nothing like the original noodles served in China, instead it is over-spiced with chilies, vegetables, soya sauce and a host of other things. This street food is lovingly called “Chowmein”. Yes it is cheap, filling, and exceedingly yummy.

Where to eat: Practically every single street corner, but check out the shops in front of Tollygunge Metro Station.

Kolkata's Street Food

4. Teley Bhaja

Kolkata dwellers are terribly possessive about their puffed rice! Moreover along with their puffed rice, they need their teley-bhajas (fried in oil).  These are chops and vegetables, fried in a lot of gram flour and oil. Whether you want a slice of eggplant in yours (beguni) or a spicy potato filling (alur chop) or even a chili dipped in gram flour batter, you will love it all.

Where to eat- Kalika on Surya Sen Street, and practically every street corner.

Kolkata's Street Food

5. Kathi Roll

This street food from Kolkata is so well-loved that there are quizzes on the type of rolls available in the city. All you need is a lovely laccha paratha, in which you can put practically anything, including an egg, vegetables, chicken, lamb, mutton and other various types of kebabs. This is the perfect food to enjoy when you are on the go.

Where to eat: Hot Kathi Rolls, Park Street and Anamika in Triangular Park.

Kolkata's Street Food

6. Churmur

This onomatopoeic delicacy is something every Kolkata-dweller has had multiple times in their lifetime!  It is not only cheap and delicious but also available on every single street. Made with crushed puchkas, potatoes, a lot of tamarind water, sweet chutney and spices and of course this the quintessential Kolkata’s street food.

Where to eat: Practically everywhere, but you can check out Jatin Das Park!

Kolkata's Street Food

7. Jhaal Muri

If Vada Pav is the thing that made Mumbai popular then Jhaal Muri is the symbol for Kolkata’s street food. This is probably the only street food that has crossed international barriers and even become popular in places like London. Made with potatoes, cucumber, onion, coconut, a host of chutneys and of course puffed rice, this is something you have to try out when you are in the city.

Where to eat: Vivekananda Park.

Kolkata's Street Food8. Ghoti Gorom

Ghoti Gorom is made with Bhujia instead of Puffed rice. While most of the ingredients remain similar to Jhaal Mudi, but Ghoti Gorom is piping hot! This is something which is uniquely Bengali, and something you are bound to enjoy when you need something to munch on.

Where to eat: Victoria Memorial, Dakhshinapan

Kolkata's Street Food

9. Chaffee

Something which is uniquely Kolkatan, Chaffee is nothing but hot tea, which smells and even tastes of coffee. No one knows how multiple street vendors are able to pull off this sort of magic, but it is nonetheless, the perfect finish to a perfect roadside meal.

Where to eat: Southern Avenue

Kolkata's Street Food

10. Puchka – The best of Kolkata’s street food for the last

Puchka would probably be the poster-food for all the street-food in Kolkata. It is imbibed in the very culture of the city afterall. With towering stacks of puffed flour balls found on every street, this delicacy will give you a multi-sensory experience, with sweet, salty, spicy, crunchy, smooth, everything rolled into one.

Where to eat: outside Dakhshinapan, Jatin Das Park, Deshapriyo Park, and everywhere else during Durga Pujas.

Kolkata's Street Food

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