Think of Kolkata and the most popular image that comes to one’s mind is that of the grand ‘cantilever’ Howrah Bridge (erstwhile pontoon bridge built by the East India Company) constructed in 1942 above the Hooghly river. Kolkata and its suburbs as well as some of the significant parts of the state of West Bengal have a close connection with the river Hooghly since ages. A distributary of the river Ganges, Hooghly has seen it all as far as the transition of Calcutta to Kolkata is concerned.


As a Kolkatan or as a tourist in the metropolitan, following are some of the activities one can indulge in or by the river Hooghly:

1. Breath of Freshness

Inhale a fresh breath of air, detach from life’s worries and de-stress at least for sometime staring at the high and low tides. A heavy mind is transformed into a free one in an atmosphere of tranquility.

2. The Nouka

A nouka (boat) ride is an absolute must. Sailing below the Howrah Bridge is an experience in itself. A sailor with an oar, hood of the boat and a hanging lantern are bound to give a “Chingari koi bhadke” (from the movie Amar Prem) feel.


3. Spread Love

Extending the immediate point above, it would be a good idea to propose your loved one in such a romantic backdrop, and chances are high for cementing a strong bond.

4. Food By The River

In case you are hungry, there are umpteen options to fill up your tummy- from the classy Floatel (floating hotel) to the Scoop (restaurant) to numerous roadside stalls, varied food items on offer with a clear view of the Hooghly enhance taste buds.


5. Photographers Delight

Utilizing a DSLR Camera from any of the ghats should help in capturing some fabulous photographs. Taking selfies and/ or groupfies using a smartphone could be a likely alternative.

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6. Go Back in Time By The Hooghly

Keeping eyes and ears open would enable one to draw a comparison between the past and present scenario of Kolkata and its suburbs on either side of the river. Some magnificent monuments built up during the British era and some famous locations like Belur Math, Dakshineshwar and Chandannagar are preferable pit stops where the essence of history is profound.


7. Observe. Slow Down

It’s not everyday that one gets to observe a wide variety of people at one place. The banks of the Hooghly provide such an opportunity with crowd from various walks of life starting from beggars, middle class families to rich mass gathering, meeting up, rejoicing and experiencing life.

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