Being in India no festival is sampoorna without mouth watering heavy calorie sweet dishes. No matter whichever new forms of chocolates and sweets hit shops and markets but the traditional Indian sweets are just irreplaceable. Indians go crazy when it comes to food and after meals. So here we have some across the nation delicacies that can make anyone salivate on a single look.

1. Ghewar


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The name of this Indian sweet itself gives us an idea of it being something Rajasthani. Main ingredients being malai, flour, sugar syrup, ghewar is a disc shape orange –white beauty with ghee that melts right on your tongue.

2. Kheer – Queen of Indian Sweets

Kheer Indian Sweets

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No occasion in Indian household goes without kheer. This Indian sweet is easy and simple to cook . It has the delight of milk, rice and sugar boiled together. You can also garnish it with dry fruits.

3. Gajrela


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This Punjabi sweet dish with grated carrot and huge amount of desi ghee, sugar and cashews is an age old traditional recipe that fills the moment with sweetness.

4. Petha

petha-agra-Indian Sweets

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It is an Agra special delicacy made out of pumpkin and dipped in sugar syrup and available in many variants.

5. Modak



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Mostly associated with Ganesh Chaturthi, these are small droplets from heaven that fills your mouth as well as your heart to completeness.

6. Roshogulla

Indian Sweets

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One can savour the very essence of Bengaliness the moment the light, fluffy ball of goodness reaches within our sight. They are as good as sweet and loving Bengalis.

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