7. Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jammun


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Neither it has gulab nor any jamun and still why it has been named so hardly matters when the brown sugary dripping soft balls reaches our taste buds.

8. Motichoor Laddoo

Motichoor Laddoo Indian Sweets


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Also called Boondi key Laddoo. It’s so soft that the moment you try to hold them each boondi falls off and the ethereal feel lingers on even after hours of having them.

9. Jalebi 

Jalebi Indian Sweets

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These fried and sugar dipped circles will hypnotise you to a whole new world. Even best when served with Rabri, which is another mouth watering Indian sweet.

10. Soan Papdi


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Unlike other Indian sweets, Soan Papdi is made from sugarcane juice in a very lengthy and strenuous process. Having said that, it is completely worth the effort. It is fluffy like a cotton candy but crisp to bite and melts almost immediately in the mouth.

No matter if you are diabetic or on diet, these beautiful pieces from heaven are just irresistible.

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