The world doesn’t work in monotony. The pace at which the world is moving today is astounding. In a blink of an eye, there are advances being made which we may not have even thought of! As the year is coming to an end, here is a wrap of the 10 best inventions of this decade:

1. 3-D Printer

3D Printing includes a process which is used to synthesize three dimensional objects. The printer is more like an industrial robot. It marks as one of the best progressions of science. From cups to toys to anything can be printed using this printer.
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2. Wireless Electricity

Wireless electricity is nothing, but a blessing. It is like how we get wireless internet. A router like machine would provide a whole setting with electricity. For example, food blenders could go wireless!

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3. Sole Power

The sole power is a sole that you can fit in your shoe. They are all-weather and water resistant. When you walk, power is generated, which is stored. You can later charge any device which has a USB port.


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4. Corky

Corky is a computer mouse developed by Adele Peters. It is made up of 100% recycled materials. The mouse produces all of its own energy by harnessing the kinetic energy that is produced by scrolling, clicking and moving around.

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5. Solar panel windows

Solar panel windows have been invented, but are not yet in the market. Solar power windows would be coated with a film which harnesses the solar energy and could provide electricity for offices or houses etc.

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6. Smart contact lenses

Smart contact lenses have been made a reality by Google now. A type of the lens would help measure diabetes levels and another type would help measure farsightedness. These lenses will be out in the market real soon.

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7. Smart expiry label

These were invented for food product packaging. This label is bio reactive. It means that this label would start decaying at the same rate that the food product would decay. This was invented in the hopes that wastage of food can be curbed.

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8. Digital screens which showcase art

Just like everything else, display of art has gone digital too. A screen is mounted on a wall or put on a stand which showcases an artwork. It is accompanied by software which can be downloaded on electronics. With a swipe on the app, the display on the screen can be changed too.


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9. Selfie stick

Selfie sticks are are a very well known phenomena. They have made taking pictures of one’s own self or group pictures very easy. It is a stick which holds your phone and you can just go ahead and click a picture.

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10. Mangalyaan Satellite

Last but definitely not the least, the Mangalyaan, which was developed by the Indian Space Research Organization is a proud invention for India. We got the phenomena of being able to orbit Mars correctly and successfully in the very first try!

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