It understands it all. It is ever giving, ever loving and it asks no questions. Here are 10 times pizza saved us, loved us and cared for us.

1. That Taste


It’s a little piece of heaven in your mouth, melting delicious as you bite into it, savouring that cheesy goodness and then it surprises you with a crackling crispy or a moist and tender crust that you hate and love to bite into. That last slice. We know.

2. Day Saver


Guests coming over and you have nothing in your house save, yesterday’s Chinese? Surprise them. They might be expecting Indian and Chinese cuisine, give them a slice of Italy. Dial your local pizzeria and they will take care of the rest.

Also Watch

Also Watch

3. About yesterday night

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It is the best apology. Last night was too wild, too loud and your neighbours were nice enough to not call the cops. Be nice; deliver them a pizza by hand. They kind of earned it.

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